Student Conduct & Community Standards

Student Game Day Guidelines for The Boulevard

The following guidelines for alcohol consumption prior to SMU home football games have been established and approved for the 2018-2019 season, and are designed to ensure that game days are a safe and positive experience for everyone. Alcohol may only be consumed by students who are 21 or older and who possess a valid ID. Please follow these rules that have been developed by a committee of SMU students and staff:

Alcohol Service

  • All students who wish to be served alcohol must obtain a game day Boulevard wristband with three (3) pull off tabs from an ID table, based upon the guideline from the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) of no more than one beer per hour. Students must present a valid state or international ID card and their SMU ID. The valid ID will be swiped at the ID table to confirm that the student is 21. The wristbands are non-transferable and are required to be served alcohol by any groups or organizations.
  • Student organizations and groups providing alcohol to their members and guests must pre-purchase their beer through Aramark, have a minimum of two (2) officially licensed bartenders from the SMU concessionaire and one (1) police officer who will be present in the tent for the duration of the event. Bartenders will follow all TABC Code & Rules and may also require ID to verify age. All pre-purchased beer will be delivered to tents by Aramark on game day.
  • Only beer and non-alcoholic beverages may be consumed. Liquor is prohibited. In an effort to be more sustainable on the Boulevard, beer must be consumed from its original aluminum bottle or can. Glass bottles and kegs are prohibited. 
  • The following formula will be used to calculate the amount of alcohol allowable per student tent: three (3) beers per 21-year-old member plus three (3) additional beers per 21-year-old member to account for guests. To account for Family Weekend and Homecoming where students may have additional guests or family members, the same formula will be used of three (3) beers per 21-year-old member plus six (6) additional beers per 21-year-old member to account for additional guests. A guest list is not required.
  • There will be “no restocking” once the pre-purchased amount of beer has been consumed.
  • Drinking games, use of beer funnels and other high-risk behaviors are forbidden.
  • Each organization must provide a roster of all members 21 years of age and older, prior to the first home game, to the Dean of Student Life Office for verification. Those members turning 21 after this deadline, but during the season, should be included with their birth date to prepare for the increase in allowed beverages. 

Boulevard Logistics

  • No student tent will be larger than 20 ft. x 40 ft. During Family Weekend and Homecoming, the tent size can be increased on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • No stages will be allowed larger than 6 ft. x 8 ft.
  • Each tent may provide their own music, but radio-friendly versions of music are required.
  • Full-season tailgating areas are designated by the SMU Athletics department and may be reserved by calling 214-768-2476 or email to
  • The Boulevard will be shut down for vehicle traffic three (3) hours prior to game time.
  • No motor vehicles are allowed in the Boulevard area. All loading and unloading must take place on the street adjacent to the Boulevard, which is Hyer street.
  • All alcohol service ends thirty (30) minutes prior to game time, and all music will be shut down at this time.
  • Each group shall appoint a clean-up crew to ensure that all trash (i.e. cups, paper, cans) is disposed of once the event is over. Groups leaving trash in their areas will face fines.

Risk Management

  • Each student group will be provided one (1) police officer to be stationed behind the bar with the bartenders to ensure the policies for the service of alcohol are enforced.
  • Student groups that have alcohol must also provide non-salty food at their tent that can accommodate the number of members and potential visitors they expect to have.
  • Students visiting from other colleges and universities are expected to abide by all of the game day guidelines.
  • At least one representative from each student group with a tent on the Boulevard is required to attend a Boulevard debriefing meeting to be scheduled the Wednesday following each home football game in order to review the previous Boulevard and to work with student and campus leadership to ensure the Boulevard is being operated in accordance with the guidelines as described in this document.

Consequences for Failure to Comply

  • Any organization failing to properly follow the Boulevard Guidelines will be subject to losing Boulevard privileges.  
  • If an organization is currently on conduct status (probation, deferred suspension, suspension) and fails to follow the Boulevard Guidelines, the organization will automatically be referred to the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards.
  • Any organization that is referred by the President’s Commission on Substance Abuse Prevention Student Programming Sub-committee to the University Conduct Process could be subject to sanctions under Section V of the University Conduct Review Process.

Boulevarding is a treasured SMU tradition and a privilege. Responsible and appropriate behavior by all students, particularly by those consuming alcohol, is an expectation. Inappropriate behavior may result in sanctions by law enforcement authorities and forfeiture of tailgating privileges. Sanctions could include referral to SMU or any visiting student’s University Conduct Office, criminal citations and/or arrest.

To see SMU Athletic Department Boulevard guidelines, visit

Last revision: 14 August 2018