For Students

The Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards Mission Statement

We seek to promote community, scholarship, and civility by holding students accountable to the Student Code of Conduct and the Honor Code. We assist students in understanding the importance of ethical and intentional decision making with the SMU community and beyond. We recognize when students make mistakes and assist them in bringing their actions into congruence with the expectations set forth by the University.

Student Conduct & Community Standards FAQ's

What is SMU's jurisdiction?

The Student Code of Conduct applies to student behavior both on and off the campus of Southern Methodist University (SMU). This includes travel on University-sanctioned trips and other locations where students are representing SMU.

I got referred to the "Conduct Office," what's next?

When a student is referred to the Office of Student Conduct & Community Standards, they receive a written Notification of Hearing letter from a member of the office which includes the date, time, and location of their hearing. This letter will also include the date of the incident and the alleged violation(s).

What is the "Standard of Proof" used in conduct cases?

Preponderance of the Evidence- Is it more likely than not (a 50.01% chance) a violation of policy occurred.

Should I bring my attorney or hire an attorney?

The Conduct Review Process is an educational process and an attorney is not needed or allowed. If your parent, guardian, or friend/support person is attending your hearing and they are an attorney, they cannot act as an attorney at that time.

Can my parents attend my Conduct Officer Hearing?

Yes, your parent can attend your hearing, but you must have already given them access to your disciplinary records or sign a waiver before the meeting.

What sanction status' impacts my standing with the university?

Conduct Probation, Deferred Suspension, Suspension, and Expulsion. These status' can impact your ability to participate in certain university activities. 

Will this information be noted on my transcript?

If a student receives a Disciplinary Violation, Honor Violation, or is suspended or expelled it will be noted on their transcript.

Will my parents find out that I violated the Student Code of Conduct?

It depends. If a student is found responsible for violating the Alcohol policy and is under the age of 21, a letter will be sent to their parents informing them a violation occurred. If a student is found responsible for violating the Drugs and Paraphernalia policy, a letter will be sent to their parents regardless of the students age. 

How can I get a conduct HOLD removed from my student account?

Once a student has completed all overdue sanctions the office will remove the hold from the student's account.

How many days does a student have to appeal a decision from the Office of Student Conduct & Community Standards?

Students have five (5) days to appeal a decision from the Office of Student Conduct & Community Standards.

If I am found "Responsible" for violating the Honor Code by the Honor Council, what will happen?

The recommended minimum sanctions assigned for students found "Responsible" for violating the Honor Code is Deferred Suspension and an Honor Violation being placed on their transcript. 

What is one thing an Honor Violation (H.V.) can prevent me from doing? 

For a period of one (1) year, no student with an H.V. on his/her record shall be entitled to a scholarship based on any factor other than need.

How long does an Honor Violation stay on my transcript?

An Honor Violation will remain on a students transcript three (3) years after a student graduates.