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Guidelines and Funding Options

The following guidelines apply to all student organizations at SMU.

Student Affairs Event Guidelines Solicitation and Sponsorship
Student Organization Standing 
Student Organization Advisor Expectations Donations / Fundraising / Solicitation Guidelines
Party Theme Guidelines and SMU Student Values Statement

Off-Campus Events with Alcohol Approval
Film Screenings and Copyright

SMU student organizations are expected to comply with all SMU policies including "1.5: Use of University Name" which addresses student organization names.

Read Policy 1.5: Use of University Name

Undergraduate and graduate student organizations may not hold programs, events, or activities of any kind during periods designated as final exams or reading days on their school's respective academic calendar in order to support student academic success.

Signs and posters should:

  • Respect the rights of others, reflect responsible behavior, be conducive to the educational environment, and uphold the integrity of the University;
  • Bear the name of the sponsoring student organization or department;
  • Receive appropriate approval for each facility before being posted;
  • Follow Stake Sign Guidelines for signs placed on campus grounds.

Funding Options for SMU
Student Organizations

Student Senate

  • Weekly Funding Requests may be submitted by any undergraduate student organization or individual student as long as the request benefits SMU and the student population and complies with the Student Senate Finance Committee Standards.
  • Semester budgets may be requested by chartered student organizations through the Student Senate Finance Committee. Organization leaders registered on Connect will receive information on this process via email from the Finance Chair.

Student Senate

Mothers' and Dads' Clubs

Grants are available for chartered student organizations from the Mothers’ and Dads’ Clubs via an annual application process. Organizations may submit an application via the Mothers’ and Dads’ Clubs application website, which opens at the beginning of the spring semester. If a student organization is awarded a grant, that funding is available for the upcoming academic year (beginning the summer immediately after the grant is awarded through the following fall and spring semesters). Grants range from $500-$2000 per organization.

Application Website

Presidents Commission on Substance Abuse Prevention

  • Charged with addressing substance abuse issues in the areas of education, prevention, enforcement, and assistance.
  • Events must occur after 10pm on a weekend night (Thur-Sun) and/or be focused on substance abuse prevention in nature.
  • Available to recognized student organizations
  • Applications open August 1 and close March 1 of each year

Student Affairs Special Funding


Student organizations can fundraise for themselves and their activities. There are forms and processes both for raising funds (cash donations) and soliciting goods (donations of food, t-shirts, and other needed items).

Student Comptroller


Consult with your organization advisor. They may be aware of other opportunities particular to your organization.