Strategic Planning

Advance a culture of evidence-based decision making

Divisional Steering Committee Resources

Members of divisional steering committees will find all divisional resources and guidance related to their work housed in this common space. This includes annual cycle information, current objective scoping documents, educational and informational presentation archives, and data and reports repositories. 

Divisional Data and Tracking

Data reporting and information sharing is needed at the office-, department-, and unit-levels on an ongoing basis in order to inform action steps related to the division's strategic plan and track progress toward its execution. Divisional steering committees identify/refine these data and information needs annually and develop the associated tools and instruments needed to collect and synthesize this information. 

Departmental Strategic Planning

Thoughtful, goal and outcomes-aligned strategic planning at the departmental level is crucial to the division's ability to execute its strategic plan. Departments are encouraged to engage in strategic planning exercises annually to reflect, discuss, and refine the goals, processes, planned outputs, and assessment strategies they will utilize to drive student learning and development. Student Affairs Administration is available to facilitate and/or support these efforts.