Staff Resources and Development

Develop knowledge and enhance skills

Performance Appraisal Process

The SMU Division of Student Affairs performance appraisal process and evaluation tool are designed to provide staff and supervisors with a transparent, fair, and actionable mechanism by which all staff can continually develop and improve. The process is founded on the division's professional excellence expectations and is aligned with institutional human resource policies and procedures.

Staff "How-to" Series

The Professional Excellence Committee regularly develops new content for the "How-to" series which delivers relevant, succinct, and informative content designed to make Student Affairs staff's jobs easier. Examples include step-by-step details in the process for utilizing electronic postings and an overview of all student affairs spaces available for reservation.

Professional Development Fund

The Student Affairs professional development fund is open to all full-time and part-time fully benefited staff within the division. Staff members are encouraged to review their professional development interests with their supervisors annually and submit funding requests for experiences and opportunities that will bolster their professional development within the field.