Understand the impact of the SMU student experience

Student Affairs Administration oversees myriad research initiatives that collectively inform the institution's understanding of the SMU student experience with respect to key inputs, environments, and outcomes. To do this, Student Affairs Administration acts as the primary coordinating office for a number of large-scale institutional surveys administered to SMU students. Our office also engages in more targeted qualitative and quantitative projects to support the work of Student Affairs and our campus partners. The results, findings, and implications from these efforts are communicated to SMU students, staff, faculty, and other stakeholders in order to ultimately drive institutional improvement.

Survey Results and Findings

SMU receives canned institutional survey reports from consortiums that provide high-level, descriptive analysis and summaries as well as benchmark findings comparing SMU's survey results to those from other participating institutions. View or request access to these reports to explore SMU's student-level survey results.

Data Analysis Support

SA Administration welcomes commissions for data analysis of large-scale survey data and/or other proposed datasets to provide tailored analysis that answers specific research and assessment questions. We encourage you to work with a member of SA Administration to articulate your unique questions and data analysis needs to more effectively utilize data that has been collected. 

Student-level Data

When deemed appropriate, and in accordance with institutionally-developed norms around data sharing practices, select raw data housed by the Division of Student Affairs is shared with staff, faculty, and campus partners to support research and assessment initiatives. Submit a request to access select data collected via survey, tracking and utilization platforms, or other divisional data collection systems.

Large-scale Survey Administration

Large-scale survey efforts born out of the division are vetted and approved by the SMU Institutional Survey Council in an effort to reduce the institutional survey footprint across campus. Student Affairs Administration coordinates the submission of all divisional and departmental survey proposals that are put forth to the institutional community on an annual basis.