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Mandatory Organizations Meetings

Mandatory Organizations Meetings (or MOMs) training is offered annually during the first few weeks of the academic year, and required for every temporary or chartered organization, as well as campus ministry groups and fraternity and sorority chapters. The MOM fulfills state-mandated risk management training requirements and provides important information about student organization opportunities, policies, and guidelines.

We're now thrilled to introduce the online MOM training via Canvas, which is available now! Training for your organization must be complete by Monday, September 30 at noon.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the MOM?

The MOM fulfills the risk management training mandated by Texas state law, and covers important SMU policies, procedures, and information.

Who should attend the MOM?

At least four officers (preferably including your president) and one advisor from every campus organization must attend the MOM.  

What organizations need to attend the MOM?

  • All temporary and chartered organizations
  • Campus ministry organizations
  • Fraternity and sorority chapters

I am an officer for more than one organization. Will my attendance count for both?

Yes! We encourage this.

My organization has less than four members. What should we do?

Your advisor should confirm membership of three or fewer students by sending an email to This only applies to fraternities, sororities, and campus ministries – NOT chartered organizations!

What happens if my organization does not comply?

  • Funds will be frozen with the Comptroller’s Office
  • Your organization will be removed from
  • All services through HTSC will suspended
  • Requests for any Student Involvement services will not be granted (Outdoor Events, Coca-Cola products, etc.)
  • Requests for inclusion in the Friday Update will not be granted
  • Digital signage in Residential Commons will not be available
  • Your organization will automatically undergo Charter Review!

Any further questions about the MOM? Contact