Forms & Procedures

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Friday Update from Student Affairs

Guidelines for Submission

  1. Requests for inclusion in the Friday Update are submitted by creating an event on Connect.
  2. Deadline for submission is every Wednesday by 8:00 AM. The Update is sent on Friday mornings during the fall & spring terms.
  3. Only one announcement per event is permitted. Recurring events are treated as a single event and not repeated. Due to space constraints, general organization meetings are not included.
  4. The submitter is responsible for the accuracy and timeliness of the information submitted.
  5. Announcements should be brief (100 characters or fewer, please) and contain only essential information. Long postings will be edited.
  6. The Friday Update is a notice of events for the upcoming 7 days (Friday-Thursday). Events submitted in advance are included in the Update sent out the week of the event, with Friday events sent out the same day as the event.

If you have questions about these submission guidelines, please email Kathleen Hayden, or call 214-768-4411.