Multicultural Greek Council

Multicultural Greek Council


The Multicultural Greek Council's Mission Statement:

"Provide a forum that allows for the free exchange of ideas, programs, and services between its constituent fraternities and sororities; to promote the awareness of multicultural diversity within collegiate institutions, their surrounding communities, and the greater community-at-large, and to support and promote the works of its member organizations."

MGC seeks to:

  • promote the interests of the University, which include scholarship, leadership and citizenship.
  • promote the interests and unity of the Greek organizations represented on campus. 
  • promote the interests of college fraternities and sororities in general, which includes the consideration that they are viable and valuable collegiate experiences. 
  • facilitate communication and cooperation between member fraternities and the University administration and faculty.
MGC's principles are designed to promote activities in which its members cultivate academics, community service, and culture.
The Multicultural Greek Council and the National Pan-Hellenic Council garden:

The National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC) was founded in 1930 and established at SMU in 1986, and the Multicultural Greek Council (MGC) was founded in 1998 and established at SMU in 2000. Both councils continue to thrive on the SMU campus and have been a driving force for all of the student body by breaking down barriers and fostering leadership opportunities throughout the institution.

The presence of these two Greek governing councils at SMU has been an important aspect of the University’s support for our diverse student body. To recognize their contributions and ensure a lasting legacy for generations of SMU students to come, SMU has created a garden in honor of the Multicultural Greek Council and National Pan-Hellenic Council. Situated at the corner of University Boulevard and Airline Road, the garden is comprised of individual stone markers for each fraternity and sorority chapter that is a member of each council, signifying the enduring impact these organizations have made on the University.

How to Join
The Multicultural Greek Council does not hold a structured/formal recruitment period collectively. Instead,  each organization conducts recruitment or membership intake independently and encourages interested students to attend their recruitment events.


MGC Showcase
September 5th - 7:00PM - Hughes - Trigg Student Center Theater

The Multicultural Greek Council experience is very unique. In order to educate interested students and our peers within the fraternity and sorority community. We invite you to attend our MGC SHOWCASE! This is your opportunity to learn about the unique culture of our experience and to see what our organizations have to offer. We will detail our history, practices, and customs as we work to answer any questions you have about our community. Performances will include strolling and stepping and following the showcase, we will have tons of food and will be available for questions The following organizations will be presenting: Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity, Kappa Delta Chi Sorority, Inc, and Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority, Inc.


For more information please contact us at:
SMU Multicultural Greek Council
PO Box 750436
Dallas, TX 75275
214-768-4400 (Student Involvement Main Line)






Southern Methodist University has a long and rich relationship with inter/national fraternities and sororities. The first inter/national fraternities and sororities joined the SMU campus in 1915. SMU presently recognizes campus chapters of eleven (11) Interfraternity Council fraternities, five (5) Multicultural Greek Council groups, seven (7) National Pan-Hellenic Council organizations, and eight (8) Panhellenic Council sororities. These chapters and their inter/national organizations are governed by one of these four governing councils chartered by the University.

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