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Multicultural Greek Council

Multicultural Greek Council



  • To promote the interests of the University, which include scholarship, leadership and citizenship.
  • To promote the interests and unity of the Greek organizations represented on campus. 
  • To promote the interests of college fraternities and sororities in general, which includes the consideration that they are viable and valuablecollegiate experiences. 
  • To facilitate communication and cooperation between member fraternities and the University administration and faculty.
MGC's Principles 
  • Culture
  • Community Service
  • Academics

MGC Mission Statement
"Unite and empower ourselves and our communities and form a more perfect alliance of fraternal organizations, do hereby establish these Bylaws for the governance of the National Multicultural Greek Council, Incorporated."

If interested in joining a MGC organization, you should plan on attending events hosted by the MGC as well as the affiliated organizations that are of interest to you. Individual Chapters organize the majority of recruitment activities so please contact them directly for additional information

Organizations in MGC at SMU

Kappa Delta Chi
Local Site:
National Site:

Omega Delta Phi
Local Site:
National Site:

Sigma Lambda Gamma
Local Site:
National Site:

Sigma Lambda Beta
Local Site:
National Site:

Are you wondering how the chapters fare in terms of grades and conduct (disciplinary) status?  Follow the link to view our Chapter Status information.






Southern Methodist University has a long and rich relationship with inter/national fraternities and sororities. The first inter/national fraternities and sororities joined the SMU campus in 1915. SMU presently recognizes campus chapters of eleven (11) Interfraternity Council fraternities, five (5) Multicultural Greek Council groups, seven (7) National Pan-Hellenic Council organizations, and eight (8) Panhellenic Council sororities. These chapters and their inter/national organizations are governed by one of these four governing councils chartered by the University.

For more information please visit all of the other Greek council's web pages below:

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