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Tour SMU Service House

ake a short tour around the Service House to get a closer look at our facilities. If you would like to schedule an in-person tour of the house, please contact Micah Johnson at 214-768-6498.

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Common Room

All SMUSH residents have access to the common area. The large HDTV and couches make this area a perfect place for lounging, hanging out, or watching a movie. Two separate areas of couches provide plenty of seating.

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Chapter Room

Prior to being the Service House, the building served as a fraternity house. The former chapter room has been converted into a study hall and space for general relaxation and reflection. Provided that the room has not been reserved for exclusive use, any resident of the Service House can use the chapter room to get away from their room or other common areas for more quiet.

Organizations or students wishing to gain exclusive use of the chapter room, or any other part of the Service House, must present their request to the residents of SMUSH at one of the weekly house meetings. At that time, all members of the House in attendance will take a vote to either grant or deny use of Service House facilities.

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The Service House kitchen provides residents with culinary tools not available to student in traditional residence halls and apartments. The kitchen contains:

  • 2 industrial-sized refrigerators
  • 1 industrial-sized freezer
  • 6 burner stove-top range
  • 2 ovens
  • microwave
  • new non-stick pots and pans
  • large George Foreman grill
  • large amounts of counter space
  • community spice rack
  • individual pantry for each resident
  • and more...

Residents are expected to keep their refrigerated and frozen foods within some sort of container or otherwise mark their food, in addition to respecting other's property by not stealing. There are individual pantry space for each student. Each individual pantry can accommodate a lock, if a resident is concerned about unauthorized use of their food or other supplies.

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Game Room

In addition to the common room and other shared spaces in the Service House, we also have a game room in the residential half of the house with a ping pong table and couches and chairs.

Little known fact: There's also a croquet set tucked away in the corner.

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