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Community Council: Committee/Officer Guidelines

SMU Service House Constitution (pdf)

Committee/Officer terms are 1 semester; Committees/Officers are reselected in the spring.

Executive Committee

  1. The Committee is Chaired by the House Facilitator
  2. The Executive Committee shall consist of the House Meeting facilitator, two Residence Hall Association delegates, Service Committee chair, Special Events Committee chair, Public Relations and Recruitment Committee chair, Kitchen Committee Chair, the RAs, and the Residential Community Director (RCD)
  3. Set goals for semester
  4. Schedule committee meetings (must meet at least once a month)
  5. The Executive Committee, during the fall semester, is responsible for planning the spring house retreat.
  6. Monitor House requirements, such as service hours, house meeting attendance, kitchen duty, house dinners, reflections, retreats, etc.
  7. The Executive Committee shall monitor and hear cases or situations regarding violation(s) of the Service House Constitution and make recommendations to the RCD on possible actions and/or sanctions for violations.  Sanctions and/or actions taken shall ultimately be determined by the RCD

House Meeting Facilitator

  1. To oversee the running of the House and Executive Committee Meetings (This means to provide a forum for questions and discussion and to carry out voting as well as balance the importance of discussion with the need for efficient and effective meetings.)
  2. Create an agenda for House and Executive Committee meetings
  3. Track attendance at meetings

House Treasurer

  1. Monitor and maintain the house budget in collaboration with the RCD through regular meetings
  2. Liaise with committee chairs regarding committee budgets including collecting programming budget proposals and giving updates at House Meetings
  3. Assist the RCD in preparing the house budget
  4. Ensure the budgetary paperwork is completed (as necessary)

Assembly Delegates         

  1. Maintain good standing and voting rights with The Assembly of Residential Housing
  2. Provide accurate and timely communication between the House and Assembly
  3. Encourage nominations for “Of the Months” and “Hall Improvement Funds"
  4. At least one delegate must always attend the Assembly meetings and retreat

Service Committee

  1. Attend committee meetings
  2. Must plan one service project per month each semester (not including the retreat project); House projects should provide at least 20 hours of service opportunities
  3. Maintain a Volunteer Opportunities bulletin board

Special Events

  1. Attend committee meetings
  2. Coordinate recognition of birthdays in the house and celebration of holidays
  3. Plan additional events such as movie nights and dances
  4. Must plan one event per month


  1. Attend committee meetings
  2. Track participation in Kitchen Duty
  3. Instruct proper kitchen procedure
  4. Work with Residential Community Director to enforce kitchen policy
  5. Collaborate with Assembly delegates on Hall Improvement Funds
  6. Work with Residential Community Director to maintain kitchen supplies
  7. Follow up on maintenance/facilities requests
  8. The Kitchen Committee is limited to only three SMUSH residents
  9. Check the laundry area for cleanliness once a week
  10. Ensure the Common Room is clean and presentable


  1. Attend committee meetings
  2. Encouraged to create a marketing design for the recruitment process
  3. Coordinate the current house members' involvement in the membership recruitment and selection process


  1. Attend committee meetings
  2. Encourage participation in the community journal
  3. Take pictures at regular and special house events
  4. Record significant events in the house to be maintained as historical information in the Residential Community Director's files
  5. Collect copies of newspaper clippings or media releases about the SMU Service House to be maintained with other historical information

Faculty Initiatives

  1. Attend committee meetings
  2. Collaborate with Residential Community Director to encourage participation from SMU faculty members in Service House events and programs
  3. Organize one brown bag program (with a service agency) or "Out to Lunch" program (with faculty/staff) per semester
  4. Invite at least three faculty members to participate in a house event or program each semester