students in a FiR apartment


Faculty power our transformational living and learning environment at SMU. Learn more about our faculty world-changers.

Faculty engage with Residence Life and Student Housing (RLSH) within a variety of formalized and organic roles related to our work. Below are the various groups of faculty that contribute to our culture of success. Join us.

The Affiliate Program at SMU is an integral part of the Residential Commons, where faculty and staff commit to supporting the intellectual, cultural, and social life of the 11 communities by engaging residents and providing mentorship, guidance, and support to students.

Affiliates get involved in the Residential Commons in a wide variety of ways, ranging from casual meals, sporting events, and social gatherings to lectures, career panels, and theatrical performances—to name a few. Regardless of their level of engagement, each of the faculty and staff listed here have indicated a willingness and enthusiasm to support students. 

Two levels of engagement are possible via the Affiliate Program: Commons Affiliate and the Commons Associate. 



Interested in becoming a Commons Affiliate? Most faculty and staff were afforded an opportunity to affiliate during their Human Resources New Employee Orientation beginning in January 2022 when they watched a short overview video and complete a webform. If you do not have a current Commons affiliation, please use the short webform below. 

Review the roster of current Commons Affiliates. Faculty- and staff-affiliate contact information is available via the SMU People Directory.  

RLSH empowers and charges a number of committees, task forces, and working groups to advance our mission.

Interested faculty are encouraged to email the director of academic initiatives to join a committee, task force, or working group.

Engage Dallas is a place-based community engagement initiative via SMU’s Residential Commons to address community needs focusing on south and west Dallas. The initiative is a long-term, university-wide commitment led by students to partner with local residents, organizations, and other leaders to positively impact the community. There is equal emphasis on campus and community impact stemming from the initiative. Think big and do good today.

The goal of the Faculty-in-Residence (FiR) is to provide students with unprecedented access to our world-class faculty. FiRs provide both formal and informal resident-faculty interactions through educational programming, classes, individual and small-group advising, and casual association.

These interactions provide students with opportunities to approach and relate to faculty members on a more personal level, learn about resources, and enhance their confidence and ability to interact with all faculty members.

SMU faculty members are integrated into the 11 Residential Commons and work with student affairs staff and other faculty to facilitate student learning. Meet the current FiRs in SMU’s Residential Commons.



Are you interested in serving SMU students as a Faculty-in-Residence? Review our recruitment and selection web page for additional information.

The Research Team works to discover insights that improve the residential experience and aid overall student success at SMU.

The Research Team comprises undergraduate and graduate students, staff, and/or faculty who work on a number of groundbreaking research projects. Learn more about our research projects, current members, and valuable insights we’ve utilized to improve our work. 

Interested faculty are encouraged to email the director of academic initiatives to join the Research Team.