Frequently Asked Questions about Reapplication & Room Selection

Rising sophomores are guaranteed housing, and must reapply by 5 PM on March 1 in order to participate in room selection. If you apply after the priority deadline, we will assign you where space is available.

Juniors & seniors are not guaranteed housing, but those who reapply by the March 1 deadline will be able to secure an assignment during room selection.

Rising sophomores who are exempted and living off campus as first year students may apply for housing, but it is not guaranteed. 

Off-campus juniors and seniors may apply for housing after March 2 and will be assigned pending available space in the summer.

Rising sophomores may select a room in their Residential Commons or in Upper Division Housing, pending space available. Communities include Perkins and Smith (doubles, some singles, community bath), Moore (shared efficiency apartment), 3050 SMU Blvd (doubles, community bath), or the SMU Service House (interview required).

  • If you are a sophomore living in a residential commons, you’ll be able to select from all available rooms in your same commons and in Upper Division Housing (Moore, Perkins, Smith, 3050 SMU Blvd).
  • If you are a junior or senior living in a residential commons, you’ll be able to select from all available rooms in your same Residential Commons and in Upper Division Housing (Moore, Perkins, Smith, 3050 SMU Blvd, Daniel House and Martin).
  • If you are a junior or senior living in upper division housing, you’ll be able to select from all available rooms in Upper Division Housing (Moore, Perkins, Smith, 3050 SMU Blvd, Daniel House, and Martin).
When you log in for General Room selection, you will see everything that is still available for which you are eligible.

Yes, if your sorority or fraternity chapter has space for you to live there, and you request exemption by April 1. You must still reapply for housing on the SMU Housing portal, then complete the exemption request. You will also need to complete any paperwork your chapter requires such as a sublease or other housing agreement and upload a copy of that document on the housing portal. Deadline to complete the request for Greek exemption is April 1. (Deadline to upload the signed sublease with your chapter is May 1.)

If your assigned room was built and furnished for one person, the answer is likely yes. There are some ADA singles that are not available during selection.  To stay in your same single, on March 4 during Same Room selection, be sure to log in and reserve your same room.

If your current room was built and furnished for two persons, the room will only be available for double occupancy next year.

Double occupancy rooms will have two residents next year, and if you select alone, the other space will be available during room selection for other students. If you are interested in a single, you should look for a single when you select a room.

You should select from the double rooms available to you and then request to be on the waiting list for a single in your community.

Reassignment to a single from the waiting list is dependent on cancellations, and therefore is NOT guaranteed. If you are reassigned to a single, you’ll be notified. Otherwise, you’ll remain assigned to a double and a roommate will be assigned.

There is a limit of ONE mutual roommate request. The maximum room occupancy at SMU is two roommates in a double room. (Suitemates cannot be requested.) Roommate requests must be made in the SMU Housing portal (request/accept) in order for it to be recorded by the system. Requests that aren’t completed in the SMU Housing portal by March 1 are not guaranteed.

Changes between Residential Commons are not permitted, but you have the ability to select from available space in Upper Division Housing. If no space is available in upper division when you log in, you will be able to select in your same Residential Commons and ask to be on the Upper Division Housing waiting list. 

If you lived on-campus your first year, you are required to live on-campus again. You may request an Exemption from the requirement due to a hardship for disability/medical, financial or personal circumstances. However, the first step is to reapply for housing, and then request an exemption. Deadline for exemption requests is April 1.

Generally speaking, if you are required to live on-campus, you must have a "The Works" plan during those two years. For dining purposes, "sophomore" is determined by the number of years a student has lived on-campus, not by credit hours.

  • Residents living in a Residential Commons, 3050 SMU Blvd, Smith and Perkins must have a dining plan. Second year (sophomore) residents must have "The Works" dining plan. Junior and senior students may select from additional dining plans.
  • Residents in Moore, Martin, Daniel, and Service Houses may sign up for a dining plan, but it is not required. (There is no restriction on which plan.)

RLSH works with the Disability Accommodations & Success Strategies (DASS) office regarding disability accommodation in housing. To establish eligibility for accommodation, students must contact DASS and submit required documentation. DASS works with students with learning disabilities, physical disability, psychiatric disorders and others. To request accommodation in housing, students must indicate the request when applying for housing in addition to establishing eligibility with DASS.

Students with a current accommodation will receive information regarding how this affects their reapplication and room selection.

Requests for a new disability accommodation must be completed by February 18, 2022 in order to be considered during the reapplication period. DASS will review and make recommendations according to the standard process. Requests received after February 18, 2022 are processed and considered as available during the summer.

Daniel House is reserved for rising juniors and seniors as determined by years at SMU, not by credit hours. Current residents have the opportunity to reserve their current space during Same Room. The remaining spaces will be available during General Room Selection on a first come basis for students when they log in at their time for room selection.