Policies & Procedures

You can find all our published policies and procedures, which detail how we operate and why we deliver services in the way that we do.

Review them below.

If you are a current resident, you may be looking for our student conduct and community policies

Housing exemptions Students chatting on Commons' Patio

Housing exemptions

Students who wish to be exempted from the residency requirement may submit the request after completing the housing application. The exemptions and release process varies based on your affiliation with the university. Learn more before you submit.
Residency requirement Student studying on lawn

Residency requirement

Students and families who choose SMU are choosing a residential college experience during their first two years. Learn more about the requirement.
Two-year Residential Commons assignment Birds eye view of students eating in dinning hall, with Commons Crests banners displayed

Two-year Residential Commons assignment

In 2021, Residence Life & Student Housing adjusted some housing practices in attempt to standardize retention and graduation benefits for all Mustangs. To do this, we prioritize student housing assignments to remain in their initial Residential Commons for two years - because we've proven the benefits through SMU-specific research.
Housing assignment priority Student checking into room

Housing assignment priority

Residence Life & Student Housing processes many housing applications throughout the year and has set standards for how to prioritize these applications. Students should review this information to learn more about housing assignments and priority deadlines for on-campus housing.