Residential Commons Move-in

Details on what we provide and what Mustangs should bring to your room in the Residential Commons

Upper Division Housing Move-In

Living in upper-division housing is a bit different from the Residential Commons. Explore this guide for what to bring with you.

Move-in Frequently Asked Questions

The deadline to sign up for a timeslot is July 31. Time slots are available on a first come, first served basis and may fill quickly. If your plans change, you are able to modify your timeslot until the deadline.

No. Students who arrive early will not be permitted to move in early.

We strongly advise arriving during your timeslot. We understand that flights could be delayed, etc., but please do your best to arrive during the time you are scheduled.


Please contact our office if your arrival is delayed. Check in on the first day of class is centralized at the Virginia-Snider Area Service Desk. The desk hours are 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Students are highly discouraged to bring a U-Haul to campus. Parking is extremely limited and there are designated parking areas for U-Haul parking in a remote on-campus location, away from the Residential Commons.

Students may bring up to four guests to SMU Move In Days. SMU Move In Days is an exciting event, but can be a hit hot and chaotic, and we strongly encourage students to invite relatives to Family Weekend instead of Move In Days.

The loft request form is available via the SMU Housing Portal. The deadline to submit a request is July 31.Requests received after the deadline will be completed after move-in.

You can purchase one or can rent one through Mustang Rentals who can provide refrigerators (no larger than 3.1 cubic feet) and microwaves (800 watts or less) that meet residence hall policy for size and power. Please contact Mustang Rentals directly to reserve your item(s).

Students will receive an email in mid-July with their PO Box information. Nothing should arrive to campus before August 1.Students are limited to no more than 10 packages during Move In. Additional information can be found on the SMU Postal Services website.

If you registered for interim housing, you will likely move to your new room on August 4-5. Please keep an eye out for an email with more details.

The schedule for Stampede can be located on the webpage for the Office of the Student Experience.

Students will receive an email in mid-July with their specific pick-up location during SMU Move In Days.

Assignments Frequently Asked Questions

Room numbers are given to students when they check in and are not released before then.

While you will not be able to see your specific room, we encourage you to view the 360 views of your Residential Commons or Upper Division Housing. These websites include dimensions Room size and layout varies within each community. The 360 views are best viewed on a computer.

Information about check-in tent locations, unloading zones, and parking will be included in your assignment notice and posted on this site


Roommate requests can be made on the SMU Housing Portal before June 1, and requests between two new students are accommodated as long as the request is mutual and both students completed the application process.

Roommate information will be available on the housing portal in early August. Information will include your roommate's name and SMU email address.

General Fall 2021 Frequently Asked Questions

Students returning for spring semester are allowed to leave their belongings in their room. Information regarding the registration process to stay on campus during Winter Break will be communicated in the fall semester.

Students registered for Fall 2021 may order their parking permit for the upcoming 2021-22 academic year online by logging into your My Parking Account. Payment is made after the permit is ordered through my.SMU, and not on the parking website. More information about parking can be found on the Parking and ID Card Services website.

Each student living on campus will be assigned a mailbox at Mail Central located at Hughes-Trigg Student Center. Students will receive their post office box number via their SMU email address from Mail Central in July. Please contact Mail Central with any questions.

Make sure to reference the fire safety information and the housing policies webpages to ensure you have only permitted items in your room.

We advise mindfully packing. See our What to Bring for Residential Commons and Upper-Division Housing. As always, remember that you are responsible for your space upon your move-out. Refrain from using screws, Command strips, wallpaper, or any other item that may cause permanent damage.

Remember to coordinate with your roommate (as applicable) as only one refrigerator (no larger than 3.1 cubic feet) and one microwave (800 watts or less) are allowed per room.

Overflow Housing FAQs

SMU is committed to housing incoming first year, continuing second year and first and second year transfer students. We are very excited to welcome a large first year class to campus in Fall 2021.This means that we need to temporarily use spaces that are not always used as student rooms in order to accommodate everyone.

We generally use two kinds of spaces. 1)RAs (Resident Assistants) in double rooms will be assigned roommates. 2)Community spaces are converted into private student rooms on a limited basis. More details are below about each of these options.

Students with the most recent application dates are assigned to overflow housing. This year, students who applied in June and July may have an overflow housing assignment.

Students will be reassigned to a standard room as soon as we have space due to cancellations from other students. Some students will be reassigned before Fall Move In, and others will be re-assigned during the academic year. In limited cases, a student may be in an overflow assignment for the entire academic year.

If a student is reassigned mid-year, they will get an email about moving, and will have access to rolling bins to move their belongings to a new space. Students will work with staff to determine the best timeline for the move.

Students who are placed in an overflow assignment will be offered the same residential experience as other residents who are placed in a permanent assignment. Students in overflow housing in a community space (not a RA room) at the fourth week of the semester will receive a credit of $200.

We cannot provide a specific, accurate timeline as to when students will be reassigned to a permanent space. Students will remain in contact with RLSH and the Residential Community Director (RCD) as updates become available. Moving bins are available for checkout from the RCD as students relocate to a permanent housing assignment.

Due to limited space, students will not be able to request a roommate when they are offered a permanent assignment.

Students offered a permanent assignment will be notified via their SMU email account from

The community spaces that we converted to student rooms were formerly game rooms, study rooms, and other similar spaces. Most of the spaces are about 500 square feet, fully private with a lock, have standard exterior windows, have standard student furniture, and use the same community restrooms as other students on the floor. Between two and four students may be assigned to the community space.

Yes! All overflow housing spaces are private. While you will have a roommate/s, your space will have a locking door, blinds on the windows, walls to the ceiling, and any hallway windows will be covered with opaque film and have privacy blinds.

Each student will get a standard bed (Twin XL) at the standard height (level #2), a desk, dresser, and chair. The rooms will have a rod for hanging clothes, but will not have a closet. As there is room, we will leave some upholstered lounge furniture in the space.

We encourage all students to pack minimally, and leave items at home that they will not need, and to bring winter items with you when you return for Spring Term.

Some RAs are assigned to double rooms, and during high occupancy periods we assign a resident to the other space in that room. These are standard double rooms, similar to what other students have.

The room is a standard room and will have all standard furniture and features, including two beds, desks, dresses, chairs.

The RA is a student who is employed by the Department of Residence Life and Student Housing (RLSH) to live in the residential community and to work as part of a staff team in order to build a positive community experience for residents. The RA serves as the link between the residents of the floor and the University.