Personal Trainer & Group Instructor Certification Courses

Group Instructor Certification

Group Exercise Instruction Series - $250 with ACE study material or $200 without ACE study material

SMU offers Group X-Instructor course twice a year at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters. the course is offered to currently enrolled SMU students and Dedman Center member and it's not part of the academic class. It's a 10-week training course that teaches students the knowledge and skills needed to be a group exercise instructor.  Candidates must participate in group exercise classes and show an interest in exercise science.  Out of class group exercise participation is required.  Auditions for SMU Group-X Instructors are held at the end of the course.  Instructor opportunities are dependent on passing the ACE instructor certification exam.

Course Information:

  • 10 week course
  • Classes meet once a week for 2 hours    
  • Participants must take 3-5 Group-X classes a week
  • This course does not start if participation low than 3 people.
  • This course does not guarantee employment at SMU, but the course does give preference over those who have not taken the instructor course

For additional information about Group X classes, contact Gina at 214-768-4818 or

Personal Training Certification

Personal Trainer Instruction Series - $380 with ACE study material or $250 without ACE study material

*Currently enrolled SMU Students & Dedman Center members

Are you interested in becoming a certified Personal Trainer? This self-study course will consist of online quizzes, provided through the University Curriculum, and practical instruction of the course led by a Certified Personal Trainers.The course is offered to currently enrolled SMU Students & Dedman Center member and it’s not part of the academic class.


Participants will become prepared to take the ACE Personal Trainer Certification exam by learning the following components; exercise science, physiology, fitness assessment, exercise program design, instructional and spotting techniques, and basic nutrition and lifestyle modification. Not only will you receive in-person practical instruction, but also a personal copy of the ACE study materials and ACE certification Exam.


For additional information please contact Gina Garcia at 214-768-4818 or