Health Assessments

Polar Assessments

SMU offers fitness health assessments that determine your current fitness level.  From this information, you can learn about the areas in your fitness and health that can be improved. After the assessment you will receive an accompanying booklet with your detailed testing results.  The results of the assessment are determined by resting heart rate, blood pressure, body composition, flexibility, muscular strength, aerobic fitness, heart disease factors, cholesterol levels, VO2 Max, and anaerobic threshold measurements. 

First Assessment $50
Reassessment $20

Assessment Measurements Include:

  • Blood Pressure
  • Flexibility
  • Body Weight
  • Body Composition
  • Strength Test
  • VO2 Cardiovascular Analysis

The Technology behind SMU Fitness Assessments:

At SMU we use Polar technology to assess your overall fitness level.  From the information recorded, the Polar technology will give you your body age compared to your actual age.  This Polar technology and equipment is called the Polar BodyAge Health and Fitness Assessment.  The fitness assessment records your current fitness level, including strengths and weaknesses.  The information from the assessment gives you a good starting point for your training and specific goals.  By the end of the assessment, your BodyAge score will identify whether your fitness age is above or below your biological age.  For example, you may be 30 years old and very fit.  Therefore your BodyAge could be 25.  On the other hand, you may be 40 years old and sedentary.  Your BodyAge might be 50 or 60. 

The assessment takes into consideration many fitness factors: resting heart rate, blood pressure, body composition, flexibility, muscular strength, aerobic fitness, heart disease factors, cholesterol levels, and VO2 max with anaerobic threshold. 

We also offer reassessments that allow you to track your progress in order to compare your past and present results.  After each assessment, the Polar BodyAge technology gives you specific ways you can lower your BodyAge in the upcoming weeks.  After each assessment, you will be given a personalized booklet sent via email that gives you a detailed analysis and graphical representation of your rankings in each fitness category, your BodyAge, and tools to help you stay healthy.

Body Fat Measurements

Are you curious about your body fat percentage?  Do you need a starting point to begin setting your fitness goals?  The 7-site skin caliper test, available at the SMU Dedman Center, is a great way to find your body fat percentage and measure improvements in your body composition. 

Skinfold Measurement: $15

Subcutaneous body fat can be measured using a device called a skinfold caliper.  In an average person, approximately 50% of body fat is distributed just below the skin.  Skinfold measurement determines body composition via the measurement of select subcutaneous adipose tissue sites.  Given the ease of administration and low cost, skinfold measurements are still considered the most practical assessment tool for measuring body composition in the fitness setting.



Women (% fat)

Men (% fat)

Essential Fat















To set up a skinfold body fat measurement appointment, please contact Gina Garcia at 214-768-4818 or

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