Dedman Center for Lifetime Sports

Dedman Center Reservations

Room Reservations


A representative of an SMU Student Chartered Organization* or SMU Department can reserve non-activity spaces (classrooms, studios, conference room) if the activity they are hosting is for SMU Students.  

  • All reservations must be submitted a minimum of 5 business days before the scheduled event;
  • Reservations of activity space cannot exceed 3 hours to a single individual organization. 
  • Organizations will be limited to one reservation for a single space each day.
  • Reservations must end 30 minutes prior to building close.
  • During the academic semester, Special Events are not permitted Monday-Friday before 4:30pm.
  • NOTE: Dedman Center serves the campus community and members.  We will strive to always maintain at least 1 activity space available for open recreation use i.e. requests for all basketball courts or all studios will not be approved.

Visit the Dedman Center's room reservation form.

* If you are not sure whether your organization is "Chartered" please call Student Activities at 214-768-4400 or visit Connect.SMU.

Special Events


A special event may be defined by the following factors (however this is not an inclusive list):

  • Non-SMU Affiliated Groups, or event will include non-SMU participants or attendees.
  • Involves Food (food is only permitted in the Sand Volleyball and Falls area outside)
  • Over 50 participants
  • Philanthropy
  • Fee to participate
  • Special equipment, set ups
  • Outside vendors or DJs involved

Please contact David Chambers (214-768-4823 or with questions or to schedule a meeting to discuss the availability of space and feasibility of your event. A meeting must be scheduled AT LEAST 6 WEEKS prior to the event and the appropriate paperwork must be filled out to the best of your ability prior to the meeting. Non-SMU Affiliated groups will require a completed contract to include proof of minimum required liability insurance. Fees may apply to Special Events.

  • Click here to download the Special Events Information Packet and forms that need to be completed prior to the scheduled meeting.

Filming at the Dedman Center

Click here to visit the the Policies page for information about filming at the Dedman Center

If you have any questions or comments, please contact the Events and Reservations at 214-768-4823.