Residential College Symposium

Symposium Pillars

Academic Foundations

Focusing on multiple faculty roles in residential colleges, the building of curriculum both in and outside of the classroom, and the most effective ways to create vibrant living and learning communities.

  • How are faculty leaders recruited, selected, and supported in order to lead residential colleges?
  • How do you create impactful curricular and intellectual opportunities in residential colleges?
  • In what ways do you provide academic support and catalyze intellectual curiosity in residential colleges?

Assessment & Evaluation

Addressing methods of evaluation and assessment of the residential college experience and the use of data to improve our programmatic efforts.

  • How have you evaluated programmatic efforts and assessed the impact of the residential college experience?
  • How is data utilized to sustain momentum for residential colleges?

Collaborative Partnerships

Exploring collaborative partnerships between faculty and staff, the means of eliciting institutional support for living-learning communities, and the partnerships that are needed to support students residentially.

  • What are best practices for faculty and residence life staff to work together?
  • How do you create campus buy-in for a different way of thinking about community?
  • What are campus partnerships, offices, and people that are needed to support students and provide resources residentially?

Spaces for Learning

Investigating the kinds of physical spaces that best support residential learning communities that examine how existing spaces can be repurposed as intentional learning environments.

  • What non-revenue generating spaces are necessary to create a community and provide learning experiences?
  • How have current spaces been repurposed to provide intentional learning environments?
  • How have faculty, live-in staff, custodial, and facilities staff work together for mutual goals?

Student Leadership

Illuminating how residential colleges can empower students, through governance structures, civic engagement, and intentional cultures that support student leadership.

  • What reflections do alumni have of living and learning in a Residential College?
  • What governance structures are in place for students to have ownership over their experience?
  • What roles do students have where they can gain leadership skills while serving their community?
  • How do you create environments and cultures that empower students?