Residence Life & Student Housing

Residence Hall Fire Safety Standards & Regulations

Residence Life and Student Housing at Southern Methodist University works closely with Risk Management and the University Park Fire Marshal to educate residents about fire prevention. All students residing in residence halls are expected to abide by the policies in the Fire Safety Regulations for Residence Halls. (pdf format). In addition, the brochure is distributed at check-in.

Residents of Daniel House, Hawk, Martin & Moore Halls are expected to abide by the Fire Safety Regulations for Apartment Halls. These regulations are slightly different to allow residents the use of the apartment kitchen.

Please contact your Residential Community Director or the RLSH office if you have any questions regarding the Fire Safety Regulations.

Information for Fraternity Houses

Fire safety is important in all student housing, including Fraternity chapter houses. The Fire Safety Regulations for Fraternity Houses is available on-line in pdf format.

SMU Policy on Hoverboards

Effective January 13, 2016, Hoverboards, self-balancing scooters, electronic skateboards, hands-free Segways, and similar devices will not be permitted in any residential building at SMU. This is in accordance with SMU Policy 10.11 restricting all motorized scooters in buildings. In addition, students may not charge or use their Hoverboards in any SMU building. This step is being taken due to safety concerns about Hoverboards that have been raised by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and the potential impact on our community.

Fire Safety Violations - Link for Educational Options

Fire Safety Educational Options Fall  (Residence Halls & Apartments)

Article: Establishing a Relationship Between Alcohol and Casualties of Fire
Article: Structure Fires in Dormitories, Fraternities, Sororities and Barracks
Article: University Housing Fires
Article: NFPA Case Study - Nightclub Fires

updated 1/13/2016