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Emergency Information

Emergency & Disaster Information

As an on-going effort, SMU has developed an Emergency Action Plan. Part of the plan is to inform our community of how to respond to a disaster. Please refer to the Know What To Do emergency management site  for more information.

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SMU Police Department

SMUPD is located in Patterson Hall next to the Hughes-Trigg Student Center. The office is staffed 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. If police assistance is needed, call 214-768-3388 or 911.

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Call 911 for an emergency. SMU PD can be called directly at 214-768-3333.
In case of a medical emergency, depending on severity, go to Dr. Bob Smith Health center on-campus or call 911 for the Paramedics. Note: residential life staff and SMUPD do not transport students to hospitals or doctor's offices.

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Pull the fire alarm pull station and then call 214-768-3333 (SMU PD). When the alarm sounds, take your ID card and room key, close your door and leave the building through the nearest exit. You must evacuate the building when the fire alarm sounds. University Park fire regulations require that you evacuate unless directed by SMUPD or a University Park firefighter.

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Elevator Emergency

If someone is stuck in an elevator, immediately call SMU PD at 214-768-3333. Items which are dropped down an elevator shaft will be retrieved the next working day by authorized individuals. Anyone insisting on immediate retrieval will be charged for the total cost of the call. Tampering with the elevator is prohibited and any violation may result in a fine and disciplinary action.

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Maintenance Emergencies

For maintenance emergencies, call the SMU Facilities emergency line at 214-768-7000 AND contact your RA, Residential Community Director or the Service Desk. Please give as much information as possible about the location and nature of the emergency to help assure appropriate response. (For non-emergency maintenance, please log into Facilities Services Work Order Management system and enter the required information.)

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Bomb Threats

All threats involving bombs, assassinations, or explosion, should be immediately reported to SMUPD. Residents should not move nor inspect any questionable package, box or other item. Leave the building or area immediately, then contact SMUPD.

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A Tornado Watch is when atmospheric conditions are such that severe weather or a tornado could develop.
A Tornado Warning means a funnel cloud has been sighted in the area, or that weather radar indicates a great possibility of a tornado forming. When this occurs, outdoor sirens will sound for 3-5 minutes with a solid blast. In case of tornado or when the sirens sound, immediately:

  1. Close all windows, turn off all lights, computers and televisions and leave the room. Be sure the door is closed and locked. (Take your room key!)

  2. Proceed via stairwell (do not use elevator) to the lowest floor in the building and gather in the corridor away from exterior doors or windows.

  3. Avoid staying near windows and exits during the alarm period.

  4. Remain in the corridor areas until the "all clear" is announced by SMUPD or residence hall staff.

Each residence hall has specific tornado alert areas. Please consult residence hall staff or the Hall Information Sheet for information about the location in your building.

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rev. 6/2019