Resident eHandbook

Resident eHandbook

Welcome to the webpage for current residence hall students! 

The Department of Residence Life & Student Housing (RLSH) provides housing for nearly 3,000 students in residential communities including 11 Residential Commons, and 7 upper division residence halls. Additionally, RLSH operates 37 apartment units and nine fraternity houses.

Our mission is to provide a living environment that promotes, and is compatible with, the academic success and personal well-being of all students. As a result, this handbook contains the SMU RLSH Community Standards and policies. By signing a housing license agreement as a residential community member, you agree to abide by, and support, the standards of your community as delineated in your agreement. All policies in this handbook apply to residents, apartment occupants and all guests. We also ask, as a conscientious residential community member, please consider your neighbors and help us maintain a quiet, clean and respectful community environment.

Statement of Inclusion

The Department of Residence Life & Student Housing promotes the understanding of and appreciation for all races, religions, national origins, socio-economic classes, gender identities and expressions, sexual orientations, physical and learning abilities, ages and veteran status. It is our goal for residents to learn how to be good citizens and to learn to demonstrate appreciation for diverse cultures while respecting the differences of others. Moreover, we aim to protect all residents’ basic rights as described in our community standards; therefore, acts of oppression, discrimination, abuse, harassment, bias and/or hatred will not be tolerated or ignored.




Rev. 6-2019