Housing Reapplication

Roommates in Different Commons Room Selection

Roommates in Different Residential Commons 2019-2020 

In order to allow flexibility for returning residents students to choose a roommate, RLSH developed the "Roommates in Different Residential Commons" room selection. The criteria for room selection has been revised by RLSH and approved by the residential Assembly for more consistency across campus and to encourage rising juniors and seniors to live on-campus again.

Basic Information

  1. To request a roommate for next year who is in a different commons, you must reapply for housing via the portal, request your roommate AND select the "Roommate in Different RC" option.
  2. Students exercising this option must agree to be willing to give up their current commons as their roommate is the most important consideration
  3. Roommates must be requested when you reapply, and only one roommate may be requested.
  4. RLSH reserves the right to consolidate residents without roommates in order accommodate as the incoming first year class, especially if one of the roommate's cancels.

Roommates in Different RCs Room Selection

Students who are approved to select a room during this phase will sign up for a room in waves as shown below. This time period is two days.

  • Only students who are approved for this phase will be able to select during this time period.
  • Every resident who reapplies will be given a date and time in the wave that applies to them.
  • In a roommate pair, the roommate with the earliest time will be able to "pull in" and assign their roommate at the same time. (Roommates must be requested when reapplying for this to happen.)
  • If roommates do not select a room, RLSH will assign you together and you will be notified of your commons assignment.
  • Residents selecting a room without a roommate may be reassigned by RLSH.
Wave Who is included Other information  
Wave 1 Rising Seniors

Times to be randomized

time slots every 20 minutes
Wave 2 Rising Juniors  Times to be randomized time slots every 20 minutes
Wave 3 Rising Sophomores Times to be randomized time slots every 20 minutes


Other Information about Selecting during this Selection period

About Availability of Rooms

Space in each commons for this room selection process will be limited and is based on the number of residents who returned to their commons and what is reserved for the incoming first year class. There is a limit of 50% for returning residents in each commons.

  • There will be ample rooms for roommates to select together.
  • If a specific building, floor or room is not available when you log in, it is not available for selection and you will need to choose from what is available instead.
  • Rooms designated for ADA assignment are not available during room selection.

Wave timeslots: Your specific day and time for log in will be emailed You may log in at your time slot, or afterwards. The roommate with the earliest time will "pull" their requested roommate into the room. Your time slot will be based on the sign up waves as shown above.

Single rooms:  Single rooms are not available during this selection. Only roommates may sign up during this process

Rev. 1/22/2019