Housing Reapplication

How to Reapply

Reapplication & Room Selection


Reapplication for housing is held in the Spring semester each year. There are two steps for applying to live on-campus again

Step 1:  Reapply on-line during the priority period.

Step 2:  Reserve a Room during your selection phase

Here are the basic facts of the process for the 2019-2020 year: 

  1. Current residents must reapply to live on-campus next year and pick a room.
  2. Rising sophomores who are required to live on-campus but wish to live elsewhere (i.e., Greek house) must still reapply BEFORE requesting an exemption.
  3. Room selection is on-line. Students will be given a time slot to log in.
  4. Priority deadlines apply to be included in room selection. 
  5. There are three room selection phases:   
    • Upperclass housing (Dyer, Moore, Perkins, Smith) Priority date is February 12 at 11:59 PM
    • Residential Commons room selection in same commons. Priority date is February 25 at 11:59 PM
    • Residential Commons room selection for Roommates in Different Commons. Priority date is February 25 at 11:59 PM
  6. SMU has enough rooms across campus to ensure that current residents who reapply will have housing for next year   


Step 1:  Reapplication  
January 22-February 25  

On-Line Reapplication for all Current undergraduate residents (must complete in order to select a room)

January 22-March 31

On-line requests for exemption from two-year housing requirement to live sorority or fraternity house (must reapply first)

On-line requests for exemption from two-year housing requirement on the basis of hardship for Disability/Medical, Financial, Personal reasons (must reapply first)

Step 2:  Room Selection    
February 27-28
  Upper Division community Room Selection
March 19
  Residential Commons Same Room with Same Roommate
March 20-21   Residential Commons Room Selection (same commons)  
April 2-3   Roommates in Different Commons Room Selection
June 1
  Deadline for cancellation of housing without penalty

How to Reapply & Select a Room

1. Complete the reapplication process on-line during the priority period, January 22-February 25. Most students return to their same community. Students who want a different housing option will be able to request one of these other options when reapplying.

  • Upper Division Housing 
  • Roommate from Different Commons (opt out of returning to same commons because roommate is from a different community)
  • Request Reassignment to ANY community (opt out of same commons, will be assigned by RLSH, room selection not available if requesting this option)
  • Sophomore exemption to live in Greek
  • Sophomore exemption request due to hardship

2. Select a room at your log in day & time. The following criteria apply to all room selection processes

  • A student must complete the housing reapplication process (January 22-February 25) in order to select a room.
  • To select a double room, you must sign up with a roommate. Students who select without a roommate are subject to changes made by RLSH.
  • Roommates must be "requested" and "accepted" in the housing portal in order to be valid. (See Requesting/Accepting a Roommate Request in the FAQs.)

Residential Commons Room Selection

Upperclass Housing (Dyer, Moore, Perkins, Smith) Room Selection

Roommate in Different Commons Room Selection

Specific information about each process is available on that webpage.

SMU Fraternity and Sorority Houses

Each fraternity and sorority house at SMU manages their own housing occupancy, usually through a House Corporation. Members should inquire with chapter leadership regarding expectations and requirements for living in the house. While University policy requires first-year students to live on-campus for their first two years, policy also permits students to meet the second year of residency while living in their fraternity or sorority house. Rising sophomores interested in this option must:

  1. Reapply for housing with RLSH during the Reapplication process, on-line
  2. Request an "exemption" from housing requirement in order to live in fraternity/sorority house as sophomore

If approved, you will be notified afterward, and must provide a signed copy of the sublease or housing agreement with the House Corporation no later than June 1.

June 1 is the deadline to complete an exemption in order to live in a Fraternity or Sorority House. Cancellations after June 1 will result in a financial penalty per the terms of the housing license agreement.

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SMU Dining Plans

An SMU dining plan is required for students living in the Residential Commons, Dyer House, Perkins and Smith.

The Works Plans:  Available to all residential students and is required for resident students who are required to live on-campus for their first two years at SMU (regardless of credit hours.)

  • Includes seven day access to residential dining restaurants (Umphrey Lee, Arnold and meal equivalency at Mac's Place) and a pre-determined amount of Flex per semester.

Block 150 Plans: Available to residential students who are juniors and seniors (third, fourth years)

  • Includes 150 meal "swipes" at residential dining restaurants and a pre-determined amount of Flex per semester.

Block 50 (Seniors) Plans: Available for residential residents who are seniors (fourth year)

  • Includes 50 meal "swipes" at residential dining restaurants and a pre-determined amount of Flex per semester.

More information about dining on-campus is available at SMU Dining, and on our Reapplication FAQ page.

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