Residence Life & Student Housing

How to Apply for On-Campus Housing

First Year Students and Transfer Students

Incoming first-year and transfer students may apply for housing after being accepted to SMU. The first step is to pay the Orientation, Housing and Matriculation deposit to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. (The $100 non-refundable housing deposit is include in the OHM deposit.) After your University deposit is processed and complete, you will receive an email with instructions on how to complete the online Residence Hall Application and Housing License Agreement.  After the deposit is processed, a new student may log into the SMU Housing Portal using their SMU ID and SMU password to complete the application and electronically sign the housing license agreement. Although housing is guaranteed for the first two years, student MUST complete the housing application process after submitting the University deposit.

On-Campus Requirement

Beginning in the Fall of 2014, students who matriculate as first-year students will be expected to live on-campus for two years. Incoming first year students who are 21 or older when they begin at SMU may request exemption from the requirement.  Transfer students who are under 20 years of age when they begin at SMU are required to live on campus for at least one year.

Exception and Exemption

Incoming first-year students from the Dallas area are expected to live on campus, but may request an exemption to the requirement in order to live at home with parent or guardian in their primary residence. Exemptions to live at home may be granted due to a  hardship based on medical/disability, financial or personal circumstances. The exemption to live at home may be requested after a student has completed the housing application.

New transfer students who are required to live on campus may request an exemption to the policy by completing the exemption request form.

Decisions regarding exemptions are made based on information presented in the exemption at the discretion of the Dean of RLSH.

Assignment Process

All incoming first-year students are assigned randomly to one of the 11 Residential Commons, making each Res Commons a smaller community that is representative of the University. Assignments are made during late May and early June for students who pay their admission deposit by the May 1 deadline. Assignments are made on a space available basis, and specific Res Commons may not be requested.

The housing license agreement is for the academic year and is for space on-campus, not a particular building, location or living arrangement.

Students are notified of their Residential Commons or residence hall assignment in late June, prior to new student orientation.

Roommate Requests

Roommate requests must be completed in the online application by June 1 and must be mutual in order to be granted. You will need your roommate's SMU ID to make the request. Requests without an SMU ID cannot be processed. Specific roommate requests made after June 1 are not guaranteed.

Room and Roommate Assignments

Room and roommate assignments are not assigned or reassigned according to race, color, religion, national or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, age or disability. Assignment to a specific hall, type of room or with a specific roommate is not guaranteed.

Roommate information is sent via e-mail the first week in August. Specific room assignment information is not available until the student checks in. Roommate requests must be mutual to be granted. First-year students may request a roommate, but we do not accept suitemate requests.

Disability Accommodations

Students with special housing needs including disability should contact the SMU Disability Accommodations & Success Strategies Office (DASS) regarding their circumstances. DASS determines eligibility for accommodation and notifies Residence Life and Student Housing. Whenever possible, the housing staff will work with that student in adapting the facility to meet special needs. Students who have questions regarding rooms modified for students with mobility, hearing and vision needs may contact RLSH for information.

For the 2019-2020 academic year, new students should submit information to DASS no later than May 15, 2019 for accommodation review prior to assignment. Information submitted after May 15 is reviewed on a rolling, 2 week basis and accommodation is on a space available basis.

Returning students with a new request for consideration must submit information to DASS by February 12, 2019 for review.

New Graduate Students

Graduate students who wish to live on-campus may request a graduate housing application and license agreement by contacting our office. Housing for graduate students is limited and submission of application materials does NOT guarantee an assignment. Graduate students may be housed in Martin and Grad House (single or married couple in efficiency apartment). A $100 deposit is required and applicants must be accepted to a graduate program prior to applying.  Space for Graduate students is VERY limited.

Returning & Upperclass Students

Students living in the residence halls may participate in the Housing Reapplication process held February-March for the following academic year. Complete instructions on reapplying for housing are distributed to current residents in late January and are on our website.

Students living off-campus may apply in the RLSH office after Spring Break. Upperclass students are placed on the waiting list for assignment and are assigned as space is available, usually during the summer.

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