Residence Life & Student Housing

What to Bring

Wondering what to bring? This list will get you started! Remember, space is at a premium when you're living with another person and "less is more!"

Provided in Resident Rooms

  • Bed and mattress
  • Desk and Chair
  • Dresser
  • Closet
  • Window Blinds
  • Waste Basket
  • Room carpeting (some ADA rooms are not carpeted)
  • Data connection to SMU Computing system
  • Cable TV service

Things to Bring

Download shopping list (pdf).

  • Linen and bedding:  sheets, mattress pad, pillow, blankets, comforter
  • Towels
  • Laundry items:  detergent, iron, laundry bag/basket
  • Clothes hangers
  • Alarm clock
  • Clothes for warm weather in Fall, and cooler weather in Winter & Spring
  • Personal toiletries
  • Mug or cup, dishes, utensils
  • Umbrella
  • Photos, mementos, room decorations
  • White "sticky-tac" for hanging posters
  • Bicycle and good "U-shape" lock
  • Camera
  • Powerstrip, UL-approved with circuit breaker
  • Stereo or portable radio/CD player, TV, VCR
  • Computer and power strip with surge protection
  • Address book, stationery, postage stamps
  • Convenience appliances:  coffee maker, Keurig machine, hot air popcorn popper

Things to Leave at Home (Not Permitted/Subject to Confiscation)

For Fire Safety, the following things are prohibited in residential facilities (Residential Commons and Upperclass housing). Items are subject to immediate confiscation and may result in a fire safety violation and fine. (Complete details are in the Fire Safety Guideline brochure.)

  • Candles, incense, open flame devices, fuel of any kind
  • Lamps with Halogen or incandescent bulbs (use compact fluorescent bulbs)
  • "Octopus" type lamps with paper or plastic shades
  • Plug-in air fresheners, vaporizers
  • "Reed" type diffuser/air freshener
  • Cooking appliances:  microwaves, toasters, toaster/broiler ovens, open coil burners, electric fry pans, woks, hot oil cooking appliances, grills (Foreman, Weber, etc.)
  • Standard electric extension cords
  • Fireworks
  • Large refrigerators (limit of one 3.1 cubic ft. refrigerator per bedroom)

The following are prohibited under various regulations including the RLSH Community Standards, the SMU Student Code of Conduct, local, state and federal law.

  • Cinder blocks, bricks and/or boards
  • Excessive additional room furnishings (SMU furniture must remain in the room)
  • Alcohol, unless you are 21
  • Empty alcohol containers/collections
  • Illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia
  • Weapons of any sort (including "ornamental" weapons)
  • Pets (the only pets allowed are fish, maximum of one 10 gallon tank)