Residence Life & Student Housing

Decorating Your Room

There are a few guidelines to follow when you set up your room upon arrival.

What to Bring and What to Leave:  Print a copy of  What to Bring (pdf). Be sure to read the Fire Safety regulations  and check our Pinterest page (RLSH at SMU) for ideas too! Looking for room pictures? See our slideshow of room design contest winners. (Living in Moore, Perkins, Smith, Service House, Multicultural House, Daniel 2 or Dyer House? See What to Bring Upper Division)

Bed lofting:  After you check-in, you may request to have your bed lofted or adjusted. Lofts must be set up by SMU. Please see our Lofting Guidelines for more information, including the various heights of lofting available. Loft request forms are available at the area desk after you check into the hall.

Hanging up Pictures, Poster, etc.:  In most Residential Commons, you may hang pictures on the wall using thumbtacks or picture hooks up to a 20 lb size. There is a limit of 10 picture hooks per resident. The "3M Command" type hooks are NOT permitted and will damage the wall. Televisions and other heavy objects MAY NOT be mounted on the wall. Please see the Fire Safety regulations for other information.

Electrical considerations:  Power strips with surge protectors are allowed, but a extension cords of any type are not permitted. Please see the SMU  Fire Safety regulations for complete information.


rev. 6/2018