Residence Life & Student Housing


How are students assigned to housing?

Incoming first-year or transfer students are evenly distributed amongst all 11 Residential Commons in such a manner as to create a microcosm of SMU in each Residential Commons. Incoming transfer students may request to be assigned to Upperclass Housing at the time of application.

Students may request a single (space available basis) or a roommate. Roommate requests made before June 1 are guaranteed so long as the request is mutual and both students have completed the application process.

Roommates must be requested and accepted on the housing portal prior to June 1. For information on requesting a roommate after assignments are made, please see Roommates

When do I get my room number? Can I see my room now?

Room numbers are given to students when they check-in and are not released before then. While you won't be able to see your specific room, you can get an idea of rooms during AARO. There are tours of most of the Residential Commons on the second day of AARO. Remember, room size and layout varies within each community. 

updated 04/2019