Medical Services


Medical Services

Medical Services include consultations with physicians, minor surgery, care of injuries, treatment of minor illnesses, immunizations, and continuation of treatments such as allergy injections.

The Health Center also offers specialty clinics which include gynecology, sports medicine and dermatology.


Women's Health

The SMU Health Center offers education, routine gynecology, and information about disease prevention. Women's annual exam and Pap smear, as well as testing and treatment for vaginitis, urinary tract infections, and sexually transmitted infections are offered at low and reduced cost.

Contraceptive counseling is provided and prescriptions are given for hormonal therapies such as birth control pills, the shot, the patch, the ring, and hormone replacement therapy. In addition, pregnancy testing and emergency contraceptive (“morning after”) pills are available.

Staff physicians and nurse practitioners are experienced in the evaluation and treatment of sexual health care issues.