Health Promotion and Wellness

Peer Health Educators

The Peer Health Educators (PHEs) are a diverse group of students trained to educate their residential commons and campus community about college lifestyle and wellness issues in a positive, interactive, fun, and nonjudgmental manner.

Comprehensive training prepares the PHEs to provide confidential patient education sessions; facilitate dynamic outreach programs; encourage physical, mental, and spiritual health; create informative awareness events; and promote community support to create a healthy campus culture. The Peer Health Educators are dedicated to providing education and community support with sensitivity to race, gender, sexual orientation, culture,  religion, and individual capabilities.


    •    Educate students on mental health issues and nutrition.
    •    Alcohol, Drugs and Sex Education Programs
    •    Reducing Irresponsible Drinking and Drugs Week
    •    SAFE Week
    •    Facilitate passive programming in the Residential Commons
    •    Work with RA’s and RCD’s on programming specific to your commons
    •    Serve as a liaison for the SMU Student Health Center
    •    Flu shot information
    •    Health risk information

Specific Qualifications

•   Minimum Grade Point Average of a 3.0 (verified through student records)
•   Must be enrolled as a full-time student
•   Must demonstrate an authentic desire to create an inclusive community
•   Must be available for PHE training beginning August 12, 2015 on campus

Specific Benefits

•   Significant leadership experience
•   Priority housing selection
•   Early Move-in