Health Promotion and Wellness

Active Minds


What is Active Minds?

Active Minds is a leading nonprofit organization that empowers students to speak openly about mental health issues in order to educate others and encourage help-seeking. The SMU chapter of Active Minds is a student group dedicated to promoting positive mental health and wellness practices on SMU's campus, educating students on the signs and symptoms of mental health disorders, and encouraging students who are struggling to reach out and seek help from appropriate resources. Through campus-wide events, programs, and initiatives, Active Minds aims to remove the stigma that surrounds mental health issues and create a comfortable environment for an open conversation about mental health on campus and nationwide.

Is Active Minds a Peer Support Group?

No, Active Minds is not a peer support group and they do not provide any form of counseling or other mental health service. While Active Minds believes in the immense value of peer support, it is not their mission to provide direct mental health services of any kind.

If you are seeking to speak with a licensed counselor, please visit SMU Counseling Services.

How do I get Involved?

If you would like to be part of the SMU chapter of Active Minds please contact the Office for Community Health Promotion at