Dr. Bob Smith Health Center

Student Health Advisory Board


The purpose of the Student Health Advisory Board is to provide feedback and student perspective to the Executive Director of the Dr. Bob Smith Health Center on critical health issues impacting student life and the programs and services offered to help alleviate them throughout the course of the academic year. The board meets once each month during the Fall and Spring of the academic year.


Nathan Devera - Student Body President

Victoria Fennel - Communications Chair for Panhellenic Council Executive committee

Kathy Hines - Graduate Affairs Officer for Student Senate

Matt Hutnyan - Student Senator

Jessica Mason - Director of Student Advocacy for the Hub

Ben Ovenshire - Student Rep to Committee on Student Affairs

Gianna Rizzo - President of Active Minds

Sabreena Robinson - Vice President of Active Minds/Student Wellness Champion

Charles Woodside - Student Rep to Committee on Student Affairs

Questions or Concerns

If you have a question regarding the advisory board or a topic that you would like to bring to the committee's attention please email healthed@smu.edu.