Scheduling an Appointment

Your Responsibilities as a Client

As a client of Counseling Services, you have certain responsibilities:
  1. ACTIVE PARTICIPATION: For counseling treatment to be effective, it is necessary for you to take an active role in the process. Participation involves:
    1. Listening
    2. Being honest
    3. Discussing concerns about the process
    4. Completing outside assignments
    5. Providing feedback to your mental health professional
  2. KEEPING APPOINTMENTS: It is unfair to your mental health professional and other clients if you arrive late or do not cancel in advance of your appointment date(s). Please call the front desk (214-768-2277) when you believe you may be late or need to cancel. Counseling Services has the option to refer your care to clinicians in the community if you repeatedly fail to show up or cancel (without appropriate reasons) for appointments. 
  3. TERMINATION/CONTACTING ANOTHER AGENCY is part of the counseling/treatment process, and should be discussed with your mental health professional, just as any other mutually arrived at decision
  4. CONSIDER BEING RECORDED: Sometimes it is helpful if your counselor can review a session(s). Pre-doctoral fellows record sessions in order to review samples of sessions with their supervisors.  Having a psychologist review your case is "value added" in that you have two people overseeing your care. Recording will not be done, however, without your written permission.
  5. EVALUATING SERVICES YOU RECEIVE: You may be asked to complete a brief interview or questionnaire either during counseling treatment or after you have finished for quality assurance.