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Student Center Room Descriptions and Photos

Atrium AB or CD—These rooms are mainly used for meetings and training sessions. A projector is built-in and available for self-serve use.

Max Capacities:

Rooms  Auditorium Classroom
Hollow Square
 Atrium AB
 X X
 Atrium CD
 X 36


Ballroom 8

Ballroom 3

Ballroom 6

Ballroom - These rooms can be used for speaking engagements, luncheons, dinners, receptions, conferences, exhibitions, break-out rooms, career fairs, and other meetings. The capacities listed below are for banquet rounds that hold 8 people to a table, but other setup configurations are available. Please email to learn more about this versatile space.
  • Ballroom East or West
    Max Capacity: 80 (rounds)
  • Ballroom Central
    Max Capacity: 80 (rounds)
  • Ballroom West-Central (combined)
    Max Capacity: 160 (rounds)
  • Ballroom East-Central (combined)
    Max Capacity: 160 (rounds)
  • Ballroom East-Central-West (combined)
    Max capacity: 500 (auditorium); 400 (rounds)

Commons—This is the most visited area on campus. It is a beautiful open atrium with a glass ceiling. Lectures, press conferences, rallies, small fairs, and other special events are held in this area.
Max capacity: 125

The Crossing—The Crossing space is located on the main level of the Student Center next to the Commons area. Outside vendors, student organizations and departments use this space for sales, promotion and fundraising.

The Forum—This room is mainly used for lectures, meetings, panel presentations, multimedia presentations, and demonstrations.
Max capacity: 100

Portico A—This room is used for small meetings. A big-screen TV is built in to the wall and available for self-serve use.
Max capacity: 10 at the conference table, 20 in the room.

Portico B-C-D—This room is used for medium-sized meetings and can be divided into two smaller rooms (B and CD) with at least 6 days' notice to A big-screen TV is built in to the wall and available for self-serve use.
Max capacity: 50 (auditorium)

Portico E—This room is used for small meetings. A big-screen TV is built in to the wall and available for self-serve use.
Max capacity: 12 at the conference table, 20 in the room.

Centennial Hall—In conjunction with SMU's Centennial Celebration and its look ahead to the next 100 years, the University has transformed the lower level lobby of the Hughes-Trigg Student Center into Centennial Hall. The centerpiece of this space is the exhibition "A Second Century of Achievement", which is designed to engage visitors of all ages in the life and future of the University. Centennial Hall is the site of major University events, involving prospective and current students and their families, alumni events and reunions, other campus events, and those hosted by community and corporate groups.

The space provides limited seating in front of the Theatre, Forum, and Promenades.

Promenades—This room is used for conferences, as a buffet or catering holding room, small meetings, small lectures, hospitality room, and much more. A projector is mounted to the ceiling and is available for self-serve use.
Max capacity: 70 (auditorium), 48 (rounds), 30 (hollow square), 40 (classroom).

The Theatre—This room is mainly used for large lectures, panel presentations, ceremonies, and movie screenings.
Max capacity: 470

The Varsity—This room is mainly used for medium-sized performances, award presentations, medium-size lectures, and gatherings. The Varsity is used as a general eating space while the Mane Course is open. Events where only participants are allowed in the room must be booked after 7:00pm. This room has a baby grand piano, three big-screen televisions, and furniture for eating. The room leads out to a beautiful courtyard that can be used for your event.
Max capacity: 188

The West Bridge—This is the area outside of the west side of Hughes-Trigg. Students and campus departments may reserve a table and two chairs from the Office of Student Involvement to promote their organization, promote upcoming events or raise funds.