Hughes-Trigg Student Center

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Bulletin Boards

HTSC has several bulletin boards around the building where SMU groups can post information about events or other items, please feel free to use any of the "SMU Community" boards. Any Non-SMU groups wanting to post advertisements about their business, product, employment opportunities or anything else, must do so only with the "Community" Bulletin boards located inside the post office area. No fee or approval required; simply post your bulletin in the proper location and be sure to remove it as soon as your event concludes. The boards will be cleared by the last day of finals each semester. Please note all postings must adhere to SMU's Code of Conduct and HTSC guidelines. Any postings that violate this Code or guidelines will be automatically removed. 


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 The Crossing & West Bridge Request

HTSC offers a space where vendors who are unaffiliated with SMU can display and promote their products and/or services. The Crossing is located on the main level of the Student Center next to the centrally-located Commons area. The space in the Crossing is 255 square feet total and the total counter space is 10’6” long by 2’2” deep. Vendors are automatically assigned one section (3'6" x 2'2") but may request to rent of all three sections. For a minor fee of $150 per section per day, or $375 for all three sections, vendors have the opportunity to reach the SMU community. Read Hughes-Trigg guidelines

Student organizations and campus departments who have requested use of the West Bridge will automatically be assigned a space at the Crossing if all three West Bridge tables are reserved.

Online Vendor Tabling Reqeust

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West Bridge Table Request Form

Student organizations and campus departments can request a table outside the West Bridge of the Student Center. Please make sure to read the guidelines for reserving a table on the West Bridge.

Online West Bridge Table Request Form (SMU credentials required)

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West Bridge Railing Banners

Banner Guidelines:
  • Only chartered student organizations and SMU departments may display banners.
  • Banners should represent the best of your organization of department, and SMU.
  • The requesting organization/department is responsible for securing the banner to the railing and removing the banner following the event. Please do not use tape as it damages the railing. Organizations will be charged for any repairs to the paint or concrete if damages are incurred.

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