Steering Committee

The SMU Engage Dallas Steering Committee is comprised of community and campus partners, including students, staff, and faculty. All of our members come together to support and advance the mission of Engage Dallas.

Read the charge and get to know our members.

The Charge

The Engage Dallas Steering Committee shall be responsible for providing guidance and input for the Engage Dallas Initiative. The work of the Steering Committee, along with the key partner offices, is to serve as champions of for the work of Engage Dallas. Any recommendations by the Steering Committee should reflect best practices for achieving the overall goals of Engage Dallas. The Steering Committee shall:
  • Provide insight for all components of the Engage Dallas initiative including but not limited to individual, monthly and annual service.
  • Advise on changes to Residential Commons social problems, recognized community partners, and the addition or removal of key partner offices.
  • Review annual priorities and goals of Engage Dallas including the 5-year strategic plan.
  • Provide recommendations on identifying and soliciting sources of funding.
  • Support key programs such as #1Day4Dallas fall day of service, One Night for Dallas community partner reception, the Community Engagement Symposium, and student director training, as needed. 

Meet our Committee Members

Lauren Anne Cove

Southern Methodist University

Associate Director of Social Change and Intercultural Engagement

  • Initiative Manager

Audryanna Reed

Southern Methodist University

Associate Director for High-Impact Practices

  • Initiative Manager
Dustin Grabsch Headshot

Dustin Grabsch

Southern Methodist University

Assistant Provost for Undergraduate Education & Academic Success

  • Development & Finance Committee - Chair

Jennifer Ebinger

Southern Methodist University

Director of the Office of Engaged Learning

  • Development & Finance Committee

Owen Lynch

Restorative Farms


  • Development & Finance Committee
Aramis Watson Headshot

Aramis Watson

Southern Methodist University

Dean of Residence Life & Student Housing

  • Education Committee - Chair

Jennifer “JJ” Jones

Southern Methodist University

Executive Director for Student Development, Director of Social Change and Intercultural Engagement, Student Affairs Diversity Officer

  • Education Committee

Tammy Johnson

Empowering the Masses

Executive Director/Founder

  • Education Committee

Jonathan Liu

Southern Methodist University

Engage Dallas Student Director for Boaz Commons

  • Education Committee
Wendelin Donahue Headshot

Wendelin Donahue

Southern Methodist University

Director of Community Engagement, Development and External Affairs

  • External Relations Committee - Chair

Tulsi Lohani

Southern Methodist University

Student Senate Director of Civic Engagement

  • External Relations Committee

Courtney Cuthbert

Brother Bill's Helping Hand

Operations Director

  • External Relations Committee
Teresa Coleman Wash Headshot

Teresa Coleman Wash

Bishop Arts Theatre Center

Executive Artistic Director

  • External Relations Committee
Dr. Crystal Clayton, Executive Director of Hegi Family Career Development Center

Crystal Clayton

Southern Methodist University

Executive Director of the Hegi Family Career Development Center

  • External Relations Committee