Meet the Student Director Team

Diverse, dedicated, dynamic, and community-centered—these are just a few words to describe the Engage Dallas team. 

Learn more below about student director team providing momentum to this initiative. Afterwards, check out the faculty and staff team supporting our work.

Our student directors


Cydney Curtis (she/her/hers)

Engage Dallas Student Area Coordinator for the North Area

Why I Serve: 

The reason I serve is that I want to make a difference and help my community in any way that I can. I feel as though it is important to go out in the community and get involved to see what kind of issues people are facing, and how we can use our resources to benefit those who would need them. However, I think it is important to see what people want from volunteers such as myself, rather than going in and telling the organizations/people what we are wanting to do to make a change. What excites me about working with Engage Dallas is the idea of getting to connect with other organizations and actually make a difference in areas of Dallas, especially with immigration reform in the area.

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Lilly Chapman (she/her/they/them)

Engage Dallas Student Area Coordinator for the South East Area

Why I Serve:

Engage Dallas is a wonderful opportunity because it connects you with established volunteer organizations. College is a place to build one’s network and those pre-established connections make it easier and more fun to explore social justice interests. I am excited to serve as this connection and help students find their niche in the world!

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Kelsey D’Esopo (she/her/hers)

Engage Dallas Student Director for Armstrong Commons

Why I Serve:

I serve because I want to be able to have a lasting positive impact on the world around me. I love how Engage Dallas works to serve the Dallas area in many areas of concern in ways that actually affect change. Engage Dallas gives me the ability to work with several organizations that allow me to affect change in different ways throughout the year in various capacities. I look forward to this year to serve the great Dallas area with Engage Dallas.

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Jonathan Liu (he/him/his)

Engage Dallas Student Director for Boaz Commons

Why I Serve: 

I serve because I want to improve my community. I have experience working with and witnessing who are suffering from food insecurity and I was drawn to serve them and help minimize food insecurity. I also serve because I am passionate to help others and those in need of help. What excites me about the work of Engage Dallas is working with partners who serve the Dallas community and being able to work with my residential commons to engage in community service.

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Mackenzie Thierry (she/her/hers)

Engage Dallas Student Director for Cockrell-McIntosh Commons

Why I Serve: 

I serve because I believe that everyone stumbles on hard times and so people just need someone to help them out and aid them in getting back on their feet. I personally believe that you should serve others if you have the ability and have been blessed to do so. I am excited to get other people hyped about serving their community.

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Morgan Glover (she/her/hers)

Engage Dallas Student Director for Crum Commons

Why I Serve:

Being involved in your community brings joy not only to your life, but to the lives of every person in the community. Sharing life experiences and providing service to your fellow citizens is what makes a true loving community. Engage Dallas is an organization that truly cares about the community needs and each and every one of its members. I am excited to be a part of an initiative that values its community.

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Mia Sherrod (she/her/hers)

Engage Dallas Student Director for Kathy Crow Commons

Why I Serve:

I want to continue to learn more about different communities that are impacted daily within the Dallas area and around campus. It is important to know how others are affected, learn about other cultures, and to help others as often as possible. I want to really make use of my time here at SMU and help build up a strong city.

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Reese Mellor (she/her/hers)

Engage Dallas Student Director for Loyd Commons

Why I Serve:

Coming from a philanthropically involved family, I found a passion for community service at a young age. I wholeheartedly believe that the community in which an individual resides weighs heavily in the development of their personal characteristics. Thus, it is important to understand what problems arise in the city one calls home and is essential to using one's abilities to contribute to resolving these issues. The little steps taken to help our neighbors can often have the greatest impact. Engage Dallas is a wonderful opportunity for Mustangs to use their strengths and weaknesses to spread love and generosity to the city that does so much for SMU.

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Sabeen Baledina (she/her/hers)

Engage Dallas Student Director for McElvaney Commons

Why I Serve: 

I believe that service is a necessity especially in today's day and age. As factors such as pollution, climate change, and COVID-19 drastically increase this is the time to give back to the community. I’m excited to work for Engage Dallas because I hope to inspire and promote the importance of helping the citizens of Dallas!

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Ruhani Ahluwalia (she/her/hers)

Engage Dallas Student Director for Mary Hay Peyton Shuttles Commons

Why I Serve:

Engage Dallas is a great program for SMU students to connect with the local Dallas community. I am excited to be the MHPS Engage Dallas Student Director and lead projects centered around immigration and refugee support! By working towards a common goal, our residents will have a more profound understanding of the MHPS service initiative.

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Madeline Blazevic (she/her/hers)

Engage Dallas Student Director for Morrison-McGinnis

Why I Serve:

I am eager to collaborate to deliver change to the extended community and inspire a change in heart to my peers at SMU. In working to support the community, I hope to strengthen the bonds of empathy among student volunteers and their mission while creating lasting memories. I am eager to continue experiencing Dallas as a whole while instigating positive change at SMU and beyond.

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Juan Silva

Engage Dallas Student Director for Virginia-Snider Commons

Why I Serve:

I serve because I care about who goes on in my community. Serving the community allows me to see how the acts of helping others can make a positive impact on someone's life. I am excited to work the community partners and start making a positive impact on the community.

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Landon Ryden (he/him/his)

Engage Dallas Student Director for Ware Commons

Why I Serve:

I serve because I truly love engaging and doing good for the community. Not only does being a Student Director give me the chance to make service a paid position, but it allows me to learn to from contacts with non-profits and help my fellow students in dedicating time to service. I also look forward to getting to know the leadership in my commons and connect with the amazing other Student Directors on making these projects a reality.

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