The SMU Health Portal allows you to schedule an appointment online or to connect virtually to your provider during an appointment.

Web booking virtual visits and COVID-19 vaccinations is available through the SMU Health Portal.

If you are visiting the health center for an in-person appointment, log into the Health Portal and access your appointment barcode. Scan your barcode at the check-in kiosk and fill out your forms while you wait to be called back for your visit. Scanning your barcode alerts staff you have arrived for your appointment.

If you have a virtual visit, please do not come to the health center. On your device, log into the Student Health Portal above. Click on the Appointments section and check-in for your virtual appointment.

For assistance locating a private and confidential space to conduct your virtual visit, please contact the Health Center at 214-768-2141.

The Dr. Bob Smith Health Center maintains a record of your administered immunizations and COVID-19 vaccinations, which you may access online at any time through the SMU Health Portal. 

  1. Using your SMU credentials, login to the health portal. If you do not have SMU credentials, login to the health portal by clicking SMU Community.
  2. Once logged in, click on the “Immunizations” option, which is located on the screen’s left menu.
  3. On the immunizations page, click “Print” in the top right corner.

If you have any problems with the online process, please call the Dr. Bob Smith Health Center at 214-768-2141 (option 1). 

Every patient has the right to access their medical information online.

As of April 5, 2021, the information blocking (aka “open notes”) rule of the federal 21st Century Cures Act dictates that eight categories of clinical notes created in an electronic health record (EHR) must be immediately available to patients through a secure online portal. Individual or organizational health care providers may not block, or delay patients’ access to, any eligible information (including test and studies results) entered and stored in their EHR.

At the time of your visit, you may incur charges for services not covered by the health services fee. If you have the Student Health Insurance Plan, we will bill the insurance and you will be responsible for paying any co-pays either at the time of service or by billing the bursar account.

If you have the SUM-sponsored health insurance plan, the Health Center bills your insurance for these charges. You will be responsible for paying any copays or unmet deductibles. Any out-of-pocket expenses are due at the time of service and may be charged to your bursar account.

If you have a non-University health insurance plan, the Health Center cannot bill your insurance. Any charges incurred are paid to the health center at the time of service or charged to the student bursar account. You will need to file a claim with your insurance for reimbursement. Statements printed from the SMU Health Portal under Financial Statements may be used for filing a claim. Please know, the Dr. Bob Smith Health Center and its providers are out of network with most insurance plans. If you have questions about your bill after you receive your Explanation of Benefits from your insurance carrier, please call our Student Health Insurance at 214-768-3408.

For more information on cost of services, visit Cost of Services.

Dependents of SMU staff and students are eligible for COVID-19 vaccination appointments at the Dr. Bob Smith Health Center. Appointments and immunization information for the SMU Community can be accessed through the SMU Community login. Please note, SMU account holders should access dependent information through their SMU login by selecting the Dependents link on the left menu