Services and Fees

Below is an outline of the student health services fee and an explanation of what services are/are not covered. 

All undergraduate and graduate students who pay general student fees, including the health services fee, and are enrolled at the Dallas campus have access to the student health center. The fee is mandatory and is separate from any health insurance costs. 

For the 2019-20 academic year, the fee is:

    • $100 per semester for full-time undergraduates;
    • $50 per semester for part-time undergraduates;
    • $50 per semester for all graduate students.
    • $25 per summer session ($50 for both)
  • It is important to note that students also are required to maintain health insurance to cover the costs of specialty care, prescriptions, emergency care, inpatient care, and other off-campus health services. This requirement can be met either by purchasing the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) or an alternative insurance plan that has comparable benefits.
Students enrolled in the following exempted programs will not be assessed the fee.

Students who do not pay General Student Fees:

    • Career: UG American University, Evening Degree Students, Study Abroad
    • Career: UG/SIMMONS Educators Certificate, College Experience, Learning Therapy, Talented and Gifted, Upward Bound, Educational Workshop
    • Career: GR/SIMMONS Applied Psychology, Bilingual Education Masters, Bilingual Endorsement, Bilingual Sup non-DISD, Bilingual Education Gifted, Bilingual Sup Certificate DISD, Educators Academic, Master of Education, Education Leadership-MED, ESL Supplemental Certificate, Gifted Endorsement, Learning Therapy, Master Educators, MLA/MLS, Master Math Teacher Certificate, Montessori, Master Reading Teacher, Master Science Teacher, Master Technology Teacher, Newcomer LEP, Special Programs, Educational Technology, Educational Workshop
    • Career: EHD Dispute Resolution, Masters in Counseling
    • Career: GR/LYLES Executive Masters, Monterrey Tech, Distance Education, Military
    • Career: GR/ARTS Master of Music (MUEDPT-MM) part time, Foreign Exchange (MSAFX)
    • Career: GCOX EMBA
    • Career: IEP
    • Career: GR/LYLES Executive Masters, Monterrey Tech

Students who are not on the SMU Dallas Campus:

    • SMU in Taos terms
    • Theology DMIN in Houston
    • Theology DMIN in XX internship
    • Master of Learning Therapy in Ohio
    • SMU undergraduates abroad
    • SMU / American University term

All SMU students paying tuition and fees, including the Health Services Fee, are eligible for the following services at no additional cost, and are distinct from those covered by SHIP or a student’s private health insurance. Students who are in programs that do not charge fees, including the general student fee and the Health Services Fee, can pay the optional Health Center fee at time of service.

Primary care medical services at the Health Center at no additional cost, including

  • Medical appointments during weekday hours
  • Access to a convenient pharmacy on premises
  • Influenza vaccinations

Counseling Services, including

  • Psychological evaluation and 8 short-term therapy sessions
  • Initial psychiatric medication evaluation
  • 24-hour crisis on-call services

Health Promotion programs, including

  • Alcohol and other drug evaluation and education
  • Nutrition counseling and education
  • Speaker events
  • Sexual health and relationships consultation and education

Students will be charged at the time of service for each of the following services at the Health Center. Medical services not covered are the student’s financial responsibility. We offer a variety of payment options including adding it to the student’s tuition and fee account.

  • Pharmacy prescriptions and other medications
  • Allergy, Immunization, and Injection Clinic services
  • Lab services and X-ray services*
  • Medical specialty consultations at the Health Center, such as dermatology

*There is a $15 lab draw fee associated with labs ordered by a provider outside of the health center.

Medical services received outside the Health Center
All health care services received outside of the Health Center are the student’s financial responsibility. Costs may be covered in part by the student’s health insurance plan—either through SHIP (the University-sponsored health insurance plan) or privately-obtained insurance.

I lived in a residence hall, but moved off campus during the semester.  Do I have to pay the fee?

  •  Yes.  Once the housing lease agreement is terminated, you will need to pay the fee .

I live a fraternity or sorority house.  Do I have to pay the fee?

  • Yes.  Fraternity and sorority house rental agreements do not incorporate a provision for funding health services.

I rarely use the services at the Health Center. Why should I be charged this fee?

  • The Health Center offers a broad array of services that are available to students when needed. The University determined that it is important for students' well-being to maintain universal access to health services. These services include not only medical and mental health services, but also educational programs that all students participate in through Wellness classes, new student orientation, and alcohol education. To be equitable, the University decided to charge all students who are currently on campus and eligible to use the services. This approach is far preferable to charging only ill and injured students a visit fee at the time of service, which would deter some students from seeking necessary care. All students benefit from a healthier campus.

Can I waive the fee?

  • The Health Services Fee is mandatory for all enrolled students, but an exemption has been made for programs that do not pay general student fees or for programs that are not located at the Dallas or Plano campuses.

I am a graduate student with funding from my program, department or fellowship. Will the fee be covered?

  • It will depend upon the source and type of support you receive. Some departments and some sources of funding will cover the fee, but many will not. Please consult with your department's student services administrator.

If I purchase the Student Health Insurance Plan and pay the Health Services Fee, am I paying for the same services twice?

  • No, the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) and the Health Services Fee cover two distinct sets of services.SHIP is a health insurance plan designed to meet students’ needs beyond the core services provided at the Health Center.
  • SHIP services include specialty care, prescriptions, emergency and inpatient care and other off-campus health services.
  • The Health Services Fee covers the cost of expanded facilities and services such as counseling and psychiatric services, online appointment scheduling, and other health services beginning in fall 2013.

I have my own insurance plan. Do I have to pay this fee?

  • Yes, the Health Services Fee covers the cost of most services at the Health Center, which you may use regardless of your private insurance coverage. You need your private insurance to cover the cost of other services, such as specialist care, outside of the center.

I have my own insurance plan. Does the Health Center bill my private insurance for primary medical care visits?

  • No, the Health Center does not bill private insurance carriers for primary care visits, Counseling Services evaluation and short-term therapy, or the health and wellness programs.

How will it appear on the University bill?

  • The fee will appear on a student’s University bill at the beginning of each semester for which the student is charged tuition.

What if I take a leave of absence or withdraw in the middle of the semester?

  • The Health Services Fee is billed every semester and is not pro-rated. There will not be a refund of these charges.

I am in a program that is not required to pay the fee. Can I still come to the Health Center?

  • Yes, students who are not required to pay the Health Services Fee may use services at the Health Center, and will be charged a fee at the time of service.