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Hazing means any intentional, knowing, or reckless act,occurring on or off the campus of an educational institution, by one person alone or acting with others, directed against a student for the purpose of pledging, being initiated into, affiliating with, holding office in,or maintaining membership in any organization.

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Hazing has no place in our Community.

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Hazing WHO

Hazing can happen to anyone in any organization.

  • Hazing occurs in sports teams, clubs, Greek life, cheerleading, honor societies and more.
  • Hazing is often about power and control. Hazing does not build unity.
  • More than half of students in colleges and universities involved in clubs, sports teams and organizations have experienced hazing.
  • A significant number of hazing incidents and deaths involve alcohol consumption.
  • Students are more likely to be hazed if they knew an adult who was hazed.
  • 2 in 5 students say they are aware of hazing taking place on their campus.
  • Both male and female students report a high level of hazing.

Hazing WHAT


Hazing, being hazed, and/or failing to report hazing. "Hazing" means any intentional, knowing, or reckless act, occurring on or off the campus of an educational institution, by one person alone or acting with others, directed against a student, that endangers the mental or physical health or safety of a student for the purpose of pledging, being initiated into, affiliated with, holding office in, or maintaining membership in any organization whose members are or include, students at an educational institution.


IS any activity that induces, causes, or requires the student to perform a duty or task which involves a violation of the Penal Code.


IS any type of physical brutality, such as whipping, beating, striking, branding, electric shocking, placing of a harmful substance on the body or similar activity


INVOLVES any type of physical activity, such as sleep deprivation, exposure to the elements, confinement in a small space, calisthenics, or other SIMILAR activity that subjects the student to an unreasonable risk of harm or that adversely affects the mental or physical health or safety of the student


INVOLVES any activity involving consumption of food, liquid, alcoholic beverage, liquor, drug or other substance which subjects the student to an unreasonable risk of harm or which adversely affects the mental or physical health of the student.

INVOLVES coercing, as defined by Section 1.07, Penal Code, the student to consume and alcoholic beverage, liquor, or drug.


IS any activity that A REASONABLE PERSON WOULD BELIEVE intimidates or threatens the student with ostracism,  subjects the student to extreme mental stress, shame or humiliation, or  adversely affects the mental health or dignity of the student or discourages the student from entering or remaining registered in an educational institution, or may reasonably be expected to cause the student to leave the organization or the institution rather than submit to THE ACTIVITY

Hazing WHERE

Hazing can happen anywhere on-campus and/or off-campus.

There are three methods to report hazing

1. Anonymous Hazing Reporting Form

2. SMU Police Department

Patterson Hall
3128 Dyer St., Suite 212
Dallas, Texas 75205

(214) 768 -3388 (non-emergency)
(214) 768 -3333 (emergency)
9-1-1 (campus phone emergency)

3. Dean of Students Office

Hughes-Trigg Student Center
3140 Dyer Street
Dallas, Texas 75205

Department E-mails

Main Office Numbers