The Call for Help

Student welfare is a primary concern at SMU. Everyone is responsible for creating a healthy community whose members care for one another. One demonstration of caring involves seeking medical assistance for fellow students when lives may be in danger due to alcohol and/or other drug intoxication. To seek medical assistance, please call 911. 

Students who seek medical assistance for themselves (Medical Amnesty) or another student (Good Samaritan) due to intoxication of alcohol and/or other drugs will not normally be subject to the SMU conduct review process, except when it has been determined that another violation of University policy has occurred (for example: destruction of University property; fire safety violation; physical harm to another person, etc.). 

Any exemption from the SMU conduct review process which is granted under this policy may only apply to disciplinary action and/or sanctions under the SMU alcohol and/or drug policies in the SMU Student Code of Conduct ( and, therefore, does not prevent the SMU Police or another police agency from detaining a student, issuing a citation, or making an arrest if they deem that action necessary. 

In order for this policy to apply, the student must meet with their assigned Conduct Officer, complete an application and, once referred, complete any and all recommendations made by a substance abuse counselor in SMU Counseling Services. (These recommendations will include, at minimum, an individual appointment with a counselor and a follow-up appointment.) 

While this policy applies to individual students, if an organization has been found in violation of the University’s alcohol and/or drug policies, then the organization’s willingness to seek medical assistance for a guest may be viewed as a mitigating factor if or when sanctions are issued.