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InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

The oldest campus ministry in the USA, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship is an inter-denominational, student-led, Christian movement that serves both undergraduate and graduate students at SMU.

For undergrads, SMU InterVarsity is a multi-ethnic community of students following Jesus to every part of campus and with every part of our lives.  We do this through small group Bible studies, prayer gatherings, campus outreach and fellowship.  Each semester, we join with other InterVarsity students around the state, region and country for retreats, training conferences, Spring Break urban plunges and international missions projects.  Every three years, we host Urbana, the world's largest student missions conference, in St. Louis.

For further information on being part of InterVarsity's undergraduate chapter at SMU, please contact:

Erin Waller Roy
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship - Undergraduate Chapter

Learn more about our national movement at: