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What is Cru?

Cru is a community of students and staff who are seeking to love God and others at SMU. We are trying to follow Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, and we don't even come close to perfect. But we know that Jesus Christ is our only hope, that we desperately need others to help us grow, and that we have been given a true purpose in this life. No matter where you are in this process, if you ever think about or desire any of these things: hope, change, purpose, truth; please join us as we pursue them as well.

Our Vision

That Every SMU student would be exposed to the Gospel in an ongoing way through students who love and follow Christ.

Our Values

Gospel: We believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ's death and resurrection is the only hope for all of us to be reconciled to our Creator and regain our true purpose and joy in this life and the next.

Community: We believe that the life shaped by the Gospel is lived in authentic Community, since we are freed to truly love others and be loved by them.

Mission: We believe that the life shaped by the Gospel is one of Mission, to live life on purpose to bring glory to God and to bless the world.

Student Leadership: We believe that students are the best people to reach students. So we value having students take ownership and lead the movement while we provide training and development.

More of Who We Are

We are a campus ministry of Cru (formerly known as Campus Crusade for Christ International), an interdenominational (existing within and across denominations, but not directly associated with any) Christian (we believe that Jesus is the Christ and we follow Him) ministry (working with, and as members of, local churches, but not ourself a church). Our heart is to see every student at SMU hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ in an ongoing way through relationship with someone they know who truly follows Him.


Dawn Wright