Hegi Family Career Development Center

SMU Connection One Day Externship Application and Program Details

Want to spend a day with an SMU alum that has your dream job?

Because today's job market is constantly changing and competitive, students need to have a firm understanding of the world of work and an industry network before they graduate. The Hegi Family Career Development Center and the SMU Alumni Giving and Relations have teamed up to launch the One Day Externship program for SMU undergraduate students to provide the foundation for a successful job search.



Friday, October 13 — Friday, October 27

SMU Connection Application Open

Monday, October 30 — Tuesday, November 7

Mandatory Student Orientations

Wednesday, November 8 — Wednesday, November 15

Student Introductions and Outreach to Alumni Host: Set up mutually convenient date

Wednesday, November 8 — Wednesday, November 15

Pre-Externship Check-ln: Submit date of visit and 1 paragraph of research on host's employer

Friday, November 17

Match Deadline: All matches completed

Wednesday, December 6* — Friday, January 19

*Dependent on individual student exam schedule

EXTERNSHIPS! Submit reflections

Friday, January 26

SMU Re-Connection Event: 12pm — I pm Drawing/survey due