Hegi Family Career Development Center

Dedman College Internship Program
Supported by The Hegi Family Career Development Center

Internships are critical to student success!

Internships offer our students the hands-on experience that is critical in developing confidence, skills, self-awareness and career field knowledge. The Dedman College Internship Program, supported by the Hegi Family Career Development Center, will sponsor students with a paid summer internship experience that will ultimately make them more competitive in an already saturated job market. This program provides funding for interns in a variety of fields, such as government, non-profit, entertainment, the arts, and social entrepreneurship - principally organizations that may provide limited funds for their interns. A stipend will be awarded to selected students who have secured or may be pursuing internships relevant to the skills and experience gained in their academic discipline. Students who are interested in being considered for this opportunity may apply beginning February 17, 2017 and the review committee will award scholarships in April. The last day to apply is March 10, 2017.

Student Criteria for Internship Consideration

  1. Must be an undergraduate student pursuing a Dedman degree.
  2. Must be pursuing or employed in an unpaid internship. 
  3. Hold a minimum 2.5/4.0 GPA at time of application.
  4. Complete an official application, submit three references and provide an unofficial transcript.
  5. Students with a lower GPA who are deemed “emerging talent” can receive funding based on their demonstration of academic improvement.
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