Hegi Family Career Development Center

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On-Campus Interviews

Our on-campus recruiting program is managed with our online system— Handshake. Most interviews will be held at the Hegi Family Career Development


4 private interview rooms in the Career Center as well as 1 conference room (available ONLY upon request) and classrooms for information sessions.


20, 30, 45, or 60 minute schedules are available. We can work with you to accommodate alternative interview times between the hours of 8:30am and 5pm.

  • Preselect Schedules
    Companies select the students to interview on Handshake. You have 5 days to review the resumes and notify selected students. We recommend that you chose three to five alternates, since some of the selected students may not interview. If you would like unfilled slots to be "open" to unselected students, please let us know.

  • Open Schedules
    The blank schedules are entered for you by the Career Center through arrangement with the Recruiting Coordinator. You can watch your schedule fill up on Handshake while having access to the resumes. Your final schedule is available to you 1 day before your campus visit.

Schedule Interviews in Handshake

Employers may

  • have control of their job descriptions
  • select students for interviewing
  • view resumes
  • see recruiting schedules all online

Reservations are granted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Use our online system Handshake to schedule your on-campus interviews. Handshake will allow you to specify details of the position(s), and your organization's requirements. This information will be made available to students who are using Handshake.

Definitions of Citizenship Requirements (as listed in Handshake)

  • No Visa Sponsorship Required: an individual born in the United States or a naturalized citizen. Only companies with government contracts and security clearance requirements may make this selection.
  • Visa Sponsorship Required: an individual who does not meet the above requirements.


Student resumes are available through the Handshake system. If your company requires additional information such as cover letters, transcripts, applications, or writing samples, please specify this information when reserving your interview schedule. If your company would like applicants to complete your company application, applications should be forwarded to the Career Center well in advance of the resume deadline date. We do not have the capability to provide transcripts electronically, only Degree Progress Reports (DPRs). If you require an official transcript, please request on Handshake that students bring their transcript to the interview, or we suggest that you request them during your second round of interviews.

Salary/Hiring Information (After the Interview)

It is essential that the Career Center receive and maintain accurate information relating to the numbers and starting salaries of newly hired SMU students. Please notify the Recruiting Office with this information at the end of each recruiting/hiring cycle, or as hiring decisions are made. Individual student records will be kept confidential, and this information will only be used for statistical analysis and reports. 



Please contact hegicareercenter@smu.edu.