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Social Impact Career Fellows
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Make purpose part of your career, apply to be a Social Impact Fellow!


‘Worldchangers Shaped Here’ put into practice.  This new fellowship helps liberal arts students interested in social justice, social innovation and entrepreneurship to develop skills, build networks and gain experiences leading to internships, jobs and post-graduate opportunities with nonprofits, social enterprises, and corporations focused on making a positive social impact.  We connect students to SMU courses, programs, fellowships and organizations while introducing special events and networking opportunities with leading change agents and organizations in the DFW community.

SMU Collaborative Experiences

  • Engaged Learning partnership:  Get help preparing Engaged Learning proposals, Clinton Global Initiative projects, or Big iDeas pitches
  • CUBE learning: Get engaged via discussions and educational seminars Engaged Learning’s student ideation space the CUBE
  • SMU courses: Get advising to courses at SMU on innovation, design, entrepreneurship, nonprofits and social justice
  • Social Innovation Forum:  Get exclusive access to this SMU Forum with thought leaders from social entrepreneurship, nonprofits, and corporate social responsibility 

Dallas Social Impact Experiences

  • BigBang:  Experience this annual event, cosponsored by the United Way of Metropolitan Dallas and the Social Venture Partners-Dallas powered by the Dallas Foundation, for a day of discussion and networking about innovation and social impact. 
  • Co-working visits:  Explore programs, trainings and experiential learning at shared work offices with diverse area entrepreneurs 
  • Social Impact Site Visits:  Engage in visits to various nonprofits, for-profits and corporations focused on social impact, social justice, social innovation, education, public service and leadership development 

Social Impact Career Development

  • The Hegi Career Center will advise, counsel and support students in connecting your purpose—making a positive impact—to your career and obtaining an internship, fellowship or full-time job.  

Social Innovation Forum: Connecting college and career through purpose and social impact