Hegi Family Career Development Center

How to Be Successful at the Career Fair

First Impressions.

  • Dress in professional attire and arrive early
  • Check out Hegi Career Center on Pinterest to see examples of what to wear
  • Bring portfolio with pen and paper to take notes
  • Take enough copies of your updated resume to leave with employers you speak with

Research, Research, Research.

  • Know as much as you can about the companies you want to talk with
  • Recruiters expect you to know about their company and appreciate thoughtful questions
  • Company research shows your interest in the organization and that you are well prepared

Develop Your Strategy. Be Remembered.

  • Focus on 3 to 5 companies that you are truly interested in
  • Try a few practice runs with employers in which you are least interested in so that you feel more confident when you approach the employers you are especially interested in

Know who you are. Know what you want.

  • Prepare and practice your “30 second elevator pitch” – a short introduction that tells the employer about you and your interests and how it relates to the company/position.
  • Approach recruiters with confidence, a smile, good eye contact and firm handshake
  • Ask about employment and/or hiring trends, training offered, their career path and whom to contact for follow-up information

Say Thank You.

  • A professionally written, brief follow up email including your interests, background, fit with the position and company
  • Communicate your appreciation for having the opportunity to speak with them