Hegi Family Career Development Center

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Hegi Career Leaders is a selective, advanced professional development program for students that began in Fall 2018. The program is completed in one-year increments, with the opportunity to participate for up to 4 years. There are two cohorts with a total of 124 undergraduate students, representing all schools within SMU and dozens of different majors. This year, we accepted approximately 33% of total student applicants. Hegi Career Leaders are required to attend 3 employer  facing  events,  3  professional  development  events, 3 career counseling appointments, and the career fair  each  semester. They also attend monthly dinners focused on various professional development topics, ranging from highlighting particular companies and industries to teaching the power of networking.


Many Hegi Career Leaders participate in notable events such as Lunch with SMU Leadership,  Networking  Towards  the  New  Year,  SMU  Connections  Externship,  Mustang Connections  company  visits,  and  Adulting  101  presentations.  Each student is also assigned a Career Counselor, who tracks their program progress, facilitates exploratory assessment activities and assists them with developing individualized career goals and action plans.

What are students saying about Hegi Career Leaders?

"I'm 100% sure that being in the Hegi Career Leaders program is the most important thing I am doing right now here at SMU." - Christian McAnalley, APSM and Business


Applications for Hegi Career Leaders open each summer.