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Community Engagement & Leadership

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Student Organizations

Community Engagement & Leadership works closely with sponsored programs and affiliated student organizations that are oriented to leadership development or community service.  The following groups and activities are advised and supported by CEL Center staff:

Alternative Breaks

Since 1984, SMU has been offering SMU students leadership and service opportunities through this innovative approach to campus breaks - with nearly 1,000 participants to date. Alternative Breaks provide service oriented trips during academic breaks (Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer) to areas around the USA and the world. On these trips, students learn to become service leaders and also learn from the community leaders that our program partners with.  After attending one Alternative Break trip, students are eligible to apply to lead or assist future trips, or serve on the Alternative Breaks Executive Board.  Alternative Breaks is a great way to experience a new community, provide direct service to some of the neediest populations, and develop personal leadership. For more information visit 

Mustang Heroes

Mustang Heroes is a great way to help you build your leadership skills and have an impact in the surrounding community. You can get involved in projects that make a difference and grow as a leader through leading long term and short-term projects. Mustang Heroes creates networking opportunities, sustainable projects, and opportunities to deepen your knowledge of how you can change the world around you. There are many different ways to get involved in Mustang Heroes, including being a leader on a development team that focuses on taking each project to the next level. Mustang Heroes programs include Community Service Day, Alternative Breaks, and sustainable service initiatives. For more information visit